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*Smile**Balloonp*Welcome to WDC *Butterflyo*
Thanks for sharing your craft and Jumping into Reviewing! *Thumbsup*

I just reviewed your first chapter of Mary Shelley and am glad to see there are more for me to read. Fascinating. *Smile*

Did you know you can earn incentive gift points for 250 characters of content in your reviews? *Wink*

Hope you are having fun at WDC 19th Birthday Bash! *Balloong*
Hi busybutterfly ,

I just read two of your poems. "Poetry- Misery and "Poem-Striving and Thriving. "Poem-Striving and Thriving is my favorite of the two. Thanks for writing and sharing, and welcome to wdc.

Thanku everyjones
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/busybutterfly