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Happy wdc anniversary
Chapter six of my book is released! I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks!
I apologize for being inactive. I’ve had a lot going on at home. One thing I will say is that Chapter 5 is almost finished and I should be publishing is soon!!! ✌️ Ttyl!!!
I’m so bored in class right now someone give me a random prompt??? I need something to do…
A HAND TO HOD CHAPTER 4 IS RELEASED!!! Thank you guys for your patience in waiting for my story to continue. As always, Reviews, criticism, and pointers are encouraged. I am a beginner writer so this kind of thing is very appreciated and helpful to me!
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Congratulations and well done! *Party*

When you make a typo in a note, you can easily fix it by going to the little arrow in the upper right corner. Click it and then click to edit. A window will pop up below your post, but above my comment. Fix the mistake there. If you save and realize you have another mistake to fix (happens to me a lot lol), you have to refresh the page before you can edit again after saving. (I assume you've discovered you can edit your items as well. If not, on the item, click the gear in the upper right corner and then I click Quick Edit, but either edit option will do.)

In that arrow is also the note number, in case you ever went to refer to your note (or someone else's). To do that, just like any other ML code on here, you use the braces, which are just above the brackets on the keyboard, then use "note" as shown. {note:792970} = "Note: A HAND TO HOD CHAPTER 4 IS RELEASED!!! Thank you ..." The word "note" automatically appears with it. So, while I often refer to what we put on the newsfeed as posts, just like on Facebook, officially, they are notes. *Wink*

Now, to demonstrate how to post a link to your new chapter. *Bigsmile* People are lazy, so if you provide a link, they are much more likely to check your item out. *Wink* You need the item number. It should automatically pop up for the last several things you've written or edited, but in case you want to post a link to something else or it doesn't come up, look on either the item while it's in your port (portfolio) and you will find the item number (7-8 digits long) on there or when you open it, the item number is listed below the title and description. Copy the number from either place. There are 2 main ways to create a link--item or bitem (big item). Normally, I use item links for mentioning my stuff in conversation and bitem links for advertising. There are other types of links, but these are the 2 most often used.

{item:2259333} *Right* "A Hand To Hold - Chapter 4

{bitem:2259333} *Down*
 A Hand To Hold - Chapter 4  (E)
A continuation
#2259333 by C.R.Ollar
So, I found a song that is great to write to. It was released this morning. It is called: Love is death - X Ambassadors.
bah boom
Great! And here it is embedded. Definitely an interesting song choice for a somber drama. My NaNo (AKA NaNoWriMo AKA National Novel Writing Month) project this November will be a comedy, so probably not a good choice for that, but I can see your song choice as inspiration for stuff I've written in the past. Thank you for sharing!

I used {embed:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pykW7hqArk&list=RD1pykW7hqArk&start_radio=1} to embed that video in your comments. *Bigsmile*

Are you going to be participating in NaNo this year? If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a worldwide event where people try to write 50k words towards a novel in November. 50k is really more novella-sized and you aren't supposed to be editing and fixing your writing. Just write and you can fix it later--December, January, etc.

The official website is www.nanowrimo.org but we do stuff here with it as well. *Wink* In October we do NaNo Prep to help folks flesh out their ideas so they aren't staring at a blank page on November 1, unsure of what to do. *Wink* The link for that is "October Novel Prep Challenge. But the official NaNo site has some prep stuff as well, of course.

I'll be participating in both NaNo Prep and NaNo this year...I think. We'll see. I'm doing 24 hrs of internship each week, plus taking 4 graduate-level classes (3 hrs each class) for a dual degree program, not to mention I run a contest and challenge on here as well. But I'm hoping/planning to do Prep and NaNo this year. The Army always said, "Sleep is for the weak!" Wish me luck! *Laugh*
DOH! I didn't make that NaNo link clickable with the official link feature. I swear we used to be able to just post a link. Not sure what happened, but whatever. Here you go if you want to take a look...

IT'S OUT!!! I have released chapter three! YAY!
I found my flash drive! Now Chapter three is coming soon! I know I have been saying this for like Weeks but, now its true. Stay tuned.....
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Y'all should look up "Hey Child" by X - Ambassadors. This song is really good. There are only two people outside of my family that I feel this way about.
Chapter two is released!!! A Hand To Hold is growing longer as i finish chapters. please send feed back it is greatly appreciated.
Congratulations! That's fabulous! Also, I know you aren't brand new here, but welcome! *Hug*
also Thanks to those who have reviewed my work.
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