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Welcome to WDC! I hope your enjoy your time in this lovely community and I am glad to see such a wonderful writer here. *Sleep*
Hi and welcome to WDC! There are many poetry "holes" to lose yourself in. I hope you visit them all. I'm almost finished with the Wonderland Challenge. In it, I wrote poetry and short stories and blogs. It kept me creating and I'm "one step closer to White/Red Queen/King."
*HeartP* “tarts given to you from the Knave of Hearts” *HeartP*

Welcome to WDC
From The Dark Faery *Fairy3*
in wonderland
*Balloonp**Tea*Welcome to WDC! From my place at the bottom of the rabbit hole in "Wonderland I come with greetings and *Tea* along with

*Strawberry*Tarts given you by the Knave of Hearts! *Crazy*

*Salute* Your port is looking stellar and Thank you for jumping right into reviewing! It is a vital aspect of our community and much appreciated. *Heart*

*Star*If your reviews have 250 letter characters or more, WDC gifts you incentive gift points that you can save or share here. *Delight*

Wow! I see you enjoy mystical writings. Me too! I love the Tao.

*Shock2* If you go to the side bar and Click on MY ACCOUNT, then click on Achievements, magic happens in your port in the community section! *Wand* It is not magic like eating a mushroom to grow taller or running a caucus race as in Alice in Wonderland, but it gives a boost to your status! *Laugh*

*Sun**Rabbit2* Have a hopping great day and My you always be on time!*Clock*

Also may you be safe with all that is going on in Australia. *Heart**Angel*

"WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group
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