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I'm sure many of you know the feeling. In the mood to write, even feeling creative (or the want to feel creative). All I currently have is a 'blob' of an abstract idea. Even some of the prompts around this site can't form this blob into anything. Maybe I need a nap.
For anyone that may have caught a curiosity,

My first time performing in front of actual people went exactly how it pretty much always goes; awkward, clunky, restricted vocal cords, increased bashfulness due to the adorable brunette sitting eight feet in front of me and showing off for the more experienced players. All in all it went well. Of course I now laugh at myself some but the goal was to just get on stage without backing out, check. Next goal; do it again, then again ...etc., and do it better. Luckily for me, they were supportive and understanding. Even more lucky for me were those on this site that gave a boost to a stranger.

Thank you.
I'm am stating this for my own personal motivation against my self-conscious self. That and if I tell enough people "I am ...", and don't follow through, it will feel worse than actually doing it.

For the past decade I've always wanted to stand in front of any amount of people and simply sing as I play guitar, should be easy right? Well in two hours I will find out. Now I'm sure it's going to be a personal 'hell' for me. Even though I know the words, chords and everything inside and out, I may go blank. I may freeze up and fall right over (even if I've never passed out). Hell, I suppose it's possible I might even cry ... really hope that's not the case. However, I know the alternative; I play it just fine. I experience and feel that rush, that thrill, that high from expression that so many pursue and forget about. I draw a parallel to the first time I/anyone loses their virginity, skydives, drives, leaves their home into the 'unknown'; just need to get the first time out of the way

So with new pitch perfect brass wound strings on the acoustic guitar my Granpa (no 'd' that's what I call him) gave me years ago, two shots of whiskey in my flask to steady the nerves, and all the energy I can summon to ignore my left, annoyingly analytical over thinking brain; I'm going to do it.

As a very wise and young train once said; "I think I can, I think I can". Forget that ... I know I can. (Even if my heart busts through it's cage ...)
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I have complete faith in you. You've got this!
I have a question for anyone with an answer:

After re-entering my creative mind and really enjoying it; I'd like to find the creative places in the bottom half of Michigan. I've never had a Facebook so I have no real idea how to use that as a resource (I've been a bit of a recluse lately). SO, in case anyone here lives in MI or has a suggestion on where to look, you would be helping me out greatly ...

Any ideas?

Thanks everyone. :)
If you are looking for a group of people to inspire you, then you can always try Meet Up. It's a pretty cool app that allows you to find groups of people with similar interests. I've found some cool people that way.

Otherwise, I'm from Arkansas so... google? *Laugh*
Oh that's pretty cool. I'll check it out. As for Google ... yeah it's OK. However, being social on a social site is a little bit more motivating. And exciting!
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