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By the way...

Human/Dhampyr Shaman seeking friends to crawl dungeons and slay dragons with!

All experence levels welcome! must live in my area! Even if we cant play together, id love someone to talk to!!
Just dropping by to say hi and wishing you a Merry Chistmas
I've cleared my Port of all under read items...

Im so scared to think of what will happen if my upgrade assassistance cant be granted!
im moving back to georgia this weekend!!!!!!!
if i dont log on for a while it will be alright. Im going to try to find a way to get in touch with you guys!!!!!! Try Writerscafe.org to find me!
The campfire has been added to and is now ready!
What is a Mijumaru? I dont know any B/W Pokemon!

I just started an awsome new Pokemon campfire!!! Im Looking for some new members to join it!
Does anyone have any Pokemon Red Rescue Team Wondermail Codes? I reward Codes with Reviews or Points!
Yeah!!! Hymn To Humanity OFFICIAL first chapter is up!!
Also, If you were waiting for Hymn To Humanity to start, IT STARTS TODAY!!! YAY!!! First chap will be up before 2:00 South Carolina time.
PERSONA XD Just hit 100+ views!!!!!! YEAH!

To read Persona XD and other great things head to my porto now!!!
OMG! The author who wrote me the letter is GONE!!! Not offlne, GONE!

I got a strange e-mail from a member that calls herself Lucinda.

It said that "I have a business propisition I would like to discuss with you email me at lucindaeggeh@yahoo.fr.

I copypastad the adress into my message bar on my email and asked what do you need (I was thinking Publishing) but when I showed the message to a friend the adress had somehow changed to Spammer@yahoo.fr! What just happened!? HELP!
I is LOVING halloween!
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