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Hi guyzzz *Heart* This is definitely a place for opinions. Everyone hears a certain tone via the computer. I think it might connected to whatever is going on in the world at the time. Me? I am just happy-go-lucky and glad to be alive! So whatever anyone thinks, does, or says is okayeee by meee*Heart* StoryMaster once told me, "If you intend to communicate via the internet, you better grow a thick skin!" He and SMs are very wise! And I bid you, Adieu!
Even though we can't be there for people the way we normally are, we can still do something. I think for my project I'm going to try to partner with a supermarket to put together a little baggies containing a package of hand sanitizer, a couple med gloves, and a mask for patrons who come to shop.
This is dependent, of course, on whether or not I can get my hands on any masks. but we can all do something. While we're at home getting frustrated with our children, employ their artistic abilities see what they can think of that might help the situation. It will help them feel important.

Again, Crissy, there is no hostility from me, either. My long note was intended to provide clarity and to show my agreement with PrettyPoetry.

I am sorry you heard hostility, but in the hearing of it, you have underscored my foundational premise. There is a liability inherent with the use of written language. Whatever I write is interpreted through the life experiences of the reader. If the reader hears pleasantness in my words, it’s usually due to life experience tending toward pleasantness. If my words seem harsh, then there’s a good chance they’ve experienced harshness in life.

Personality comes into play as well.

It is my heartfelt belief, that written words take on color from the palate of the reader’s heart.

Please, forgive the concern. My desire is to help, just like your desire.
Dear CrisMiss & PrettyPoetry , I thought I should put one more post on this thread to properly take responsibility for the pain I caused you both. The fact that I had no intention of causing problems with my words, doesn't remove my responsibility for this whole mess.

I came to the realization today of just how on-edge I've been regarding COVID-19. (My wife had to close her salon for a mandatory two weeks, so far, and I have been concerned about how to take up the slack, financially.) As I've rethought my interactions with you both, it became obvious, that I was not careful with the words I used, no matter what I may think about any other aspect of written language.

Honestly, I do want to protect people in your situation, PrettyPoetry. I really don't want to be in a hurry to go and fix things without giving proper time for the disease's containment. I am waiting and searching for wisdom, regarding my best next step.

Crissy, I sorry, that what you intended for good, I appeared to turn into something bad. I would never choose that, and clumsiness socially on my part is no excuse.

Bottom Line: Ladies, we are, indeed, under a great deal of emotional distress, during these days, but I am confident we will survive this present concern. I would like to be more careful in order to still have friends on the other side of COVID-19, who were my friends before COVID-19.

I pray this message is the clearest of all, baring the most appropriate personal responsibility. Again, I'm so sorry for the distress.
Hakuna Matata, Jay. I think I got wound up too. And my apologies for that you're such a good example
I don't have a square to spare!!!
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
Exotic Dancer  (GC)
Get inside the heart and mind of the nighttime dancer.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Sweet Dedication   (E)
A poem for you, Mrs., Whomever you are, who lost your love to the afterlife. 💛💐
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 My Hero Bled   (18+)
Being a Military Hero can come with a price.
I met with a SBA SCORE mentor yesterday to discuss my biz plan and see if it was a viable model. He thought it would be better as a non-profit organization due to its nature, and even knows an organized group who may be interested in getting involved. Super excited. 🎉🤠
WOW! That really does sound big! Awesome! I can certainly understand your feelings about it being too big for you. I want to start a private counseling clinic in a few years and with all the licensing, HIPAA laws, taxes, insurance, etc., it seems like it's too much. We'll see how I feel as I get closer to the actual time...several years away.

Good luck with yours! That sounds very exciting! I'm glad you are getting connected to support. If it's in His Will for you, you will get this done! *Heart*
Wow! I know that HIPAA law is complex. I had some questions and found that I had read about half of it, including references, by the time I finished.
That is very exciting, though! Need a practice case? 🏵😁🏵
In my research, it seems that I need to be licensed in the state that my patient is in if they aren't physically coming to my clinic. I was thinking of doing some telehealth to ease the transition from my official job (which is also still a long way off since I haven't even started school yet lol).

My clinic, as I envision it, will offer counseling, but will primarily be known for using alternative things like neurofeedback, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS--if I can eventually afford a machine), EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), accelerated resolution therapy (ART--related to EMDR), alpha-stim (alpha wave stimulation), and other such things. I also plan on having more groups and classes than a regular clinic does. It's not going to be a traditional counseling clinic. *Wink*

Actually, personally, at least at this time, I plan to minimize my counseling of others. Since Iraq, I no longer really enjoy that aspect of social work. But there are so many other things I can do in social work and if I do run a clinic, I can focus on the other aspects. I wouldn't mind doing a lot of the groups but ultimately, for counseling, I want to mostly hire other folks for that part of the practice. *Smile*
Hey guys! I'm looking for a 2020 spring sig. Is anyone making them? BTW, when I search, I'm not finding shops like I used to inputting "sig shop." Instead, I mostly see all members' sig folders. *HeartV*
My Signinture Shop...

Sharmelle's Expressions Signature Shop  (13+)
Sharmelle's Expressions Signature Shop
#2208876 by Sharmelle's Expressions
Sig shops aren't "reading material" so you have to change the default setting in the item type submenu in the search function.

You can also check the Marketplace page: Points/The Marketplace or Shop/The Marketplace.
Thank you, Northernwrites ! I am a little confused on what you are saying because someone already made an order for a signature shortly after you posted this message for me. Can you please check again to make sure? Or is it not all of my signature images?
Have you guys heard of the site, http://www.unsplash.com ? It's a photography/artists website that offers free images. These artists are looking for exposure, so if you use their pics, be sure to credit them.
Who else prefers writing in notebooks to computers on short projects?
She bought me one for Christmas and I used it all up. Some of my better ideas came from that book.
I do a lot of my writing with notebooks and pencils. It's easier for me to write a story in a notebook while camping, traveling, sitting outside, etc. *Smile* Then when I type it up, I find that I delete things or add more to it.
I love the hardback spiral notebooks. I like to be able to see my edits as I'm working. There's something valuable about being able to see it all on one page.