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In order to begin a story it helps to assemble basic plot chart to guide the story, if my story were written today this is how I would create it....

Character Bio-data Mia Seratina, born a girl with 2 older brothers.
Dual poles (dark and sadistic vs. kind and selfless)
Being the youngest to a family that has always wanted a girl, finally granting their wish, she benefited the most from their combined experience and resources, and having two older brothers tends to make things both easier and harder. She has a very average and plain body/face, going through puberty very late caused her to mostly ignore boys as much as they've ignored her, but with two brothers she has seen 1st hand their slobbish yet kind nature. With her flat upper body, short hair, and lack of feminine feature she is often mistaken for a boy herself at 1st glance. Often acting too much like a boy at a 2nd glance to bother dispelling the illusion.

Powers - Being very intelligent, creative, and determined is the perfect set of traits ensure that no solution can avoid her for long. While she has no supernatural power (yet) there is nothing she cannot accomplish by simply devoting enough of her time to it, her often unorthodox approaches may, at first glance, seem magical in their exocution. But with enough training and knowledge powers can be developed to stun even cynical minds.

I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 I remember my 3 worst Childhood Memories  (E)
While memories are lost everyday, rarely are they gained. I recall something terrible once

After spending several days with Rachel watching my parents house I remembered something quite terrible that could very well have influenced my adult life. While it was a partial memory for some time, days ago it finally "clicked" into context. So this morning I decided to write a 1st draft of my 3 worst Childhood memories, since this new memory is clearly #2 on the list. I literally woke up, took my medicine and made coffee, and jumped right into writing it down as fast as possible. But I must warn you it is a bit too close to a journal entry for most people to gain much from it. Unless you share something with it or you wish to know more about me I doubt you will get much enjoyment from this piece. I should say that some of my portfolio, especially the incomplete pieces, are listed as private only, therefore I think this is technically only my 3rd post. But if any of my memories seem familiar please drop me a line.
Did you ever wonder whether the bookstore places the Bible in the fiction o non-fiction category? In a move of sensitivity this, and similar texts, are grouped into the religious texts section. In a similar vein books of magic and spellcraft are also labeled as occult/mysticism.
As stated before within "the point of writing", there are several uses for recording and posting information. While my portfolio is generally meant to be a gallery of writing to share with others, gain ratings and reviews, and hopefully to enlighten or encounter a worthy counter argument. The point of this notebook is as a form of journal, to gain and post insight into my personality and writing. That is why I will now begin my portfolios and perhaps some of my other writing with a percent value based on whether the content is of a personal nature or whether it is meant to be read and shared. This value will list the writing as, for example, 70% journal/30%article or in this case 95% journal.
Since, if you are reading this, you may gain some insight into how I write and be better able to understand my works, but this entry itself is of little value to your individual life or to the interpretation of the articles of others. My journal entries will function as a biography for me and will grant those I know insight into my life.
A good reason for these journals is because, on occasion, I would come across a good writer with truly interesting and thoughtful work. When faced with such talent I would grow extremely curious as to what kind of person could be responsible for such writing and the chance to read their journal-type posts would grant me just such invaluable insight. At the very least these journals would provide context for the articles, by informing me of what kind of life lead to their unique conclusions. Most important of all, I would greatly enjoy coming across writers who have similar beliefs as my own. Being a unique individual means there is nothing rarer then coming across someone who lived a different life then you but still somehow stumbled upon some of the same values and preferences. So if I do write something you come to believe in or some idea that rang a clear bell in your memory then I would see no higher compliment then to have that fact be stated.
Hi there. I had a look at your profile and was somewhat disillusioned as I found nothing to read. But I'll give you this, it could be interesting.
Being androgynous naturally lead to becoming trans,
Yet by far the most challenging aspect of it all for me,
Has simply been getting into the minds of other to know how I am percieved.
Of course my own opinion matters most and while the physical changes have brought me the most happiness already, but I cannot help but wonder how DO other people see me?

When I try to look my most feminine does my 6'2 height, wide shoulders, and angular jaw make me look like a crossdresser. Or, when I dress in my boy clothes does my haircut, nail polish, frame, legs, and chest still leave most thinking I'm just another kind of crossdresser. I suppose most people are too busy to care, only giving another look if they really like\hate me or are just plain confused.

Personally, I am tremendously curious whenever I see an androgynous person on the street. Immediately begining to weigh their features and clothing against gender norms to try to make up my mind about them. But ultimately I can never be too sure of my answer, only magnifying my curiosity further, leaving me wishing I could just come up and ask them? But if I ever did ask, I feel it would be insulting by implying that they look manly/feminine if they were going for the opposite.

I can only hope others like me might feel the same curiosity when they see me, showing interest and mentally selecting whichever gender gets 51+ % of the gender vote. Or just go with whichever one they feel most comfortable with, after all if you see a statue of an attractive woman and you like certain features it has, it does not mean you have a sexual attraction to marble,to 100+ year old artwork, or to gray skin, you merely appreciate those features in the way they are expressed.

That is probably my 2nd reason for continuing to be androgynous, since my body is still developing I do not want my happiness to rest solely on how others percieved me, whether they see me as a boy, a girl, or for what I likely really am, a combination of the two.

In a girl I do like height, strength, and an angular jawline so I might find myself desiring those features in another, just as another might find those desirable in me. But while I would never ask an androgynous person about their gender (even the 1 or 2 trans people I still wasn't entirely sure about), I sometimes wish they would ask me. Then I might know how I look or what they see of me.
For people who object to plastic surgery,
Perhaps viewing it as being fake or vain,
I had a question come up while hearing a commercial...

If you have a crooked nose
You get hit in the face and your nose is broken

If the doctor needs an equal amount of money to do two procedures
A) Set your nose back exactly the way it was before
B) Set is so that it is finally straight

What sort of person would chose option A, if any?
If B, would it even be considered as plastic surgery?

Or if, for example, someone were to lose their breast tissue during a cancer treatment and they were then to get implants that were identical to their original breasts, would that even be considered as plastic surgery if you are merely replacing something you used to have before? (Not bigger or better, but just equal)

At that point I suppose one could make a similar argument for people that get a facelift to remove new wrinkles and restore their "original" face. Or even a man getting hair transplants to reverse balding or liposuction to reverse weight gain.

Some anonymous user was kind enough to grant me a 3 month upgraded supscription. Since I just started writing yesterday I feel like that, coupled with a great review my 1st article got, is an excellent start for my writing.com portfolio. Thank you everyone visiting, reading, reviewing, and especially Mr.anon member.
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