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Hello, I need help. Im writing a book one post at a time and each post is a chapter to the same book. I was wondering if there is any way to put the chapters into one folder or something to make it easier. Do you get what Im talking about? If so, will some tell me how?
Yes sure. You can make book and every add a new entry(chapter) to it.
Questions about how to use the site belong in "Technical Support Forum, which is linked as Need Help? at the upper right, and also as Writing.Com Tools/Help: Technical in the left nav menu.

That said --

A free membership, such as you have, can hold 10 items. For organization, you can:

*Bullet* Use item titles with a matching text section to indicate that certain items belong together.

*Bullet* Use the Portfolio/Portfolio Organizer to arrange your 10 items so the chapters appear together and in order.

*Bullet* Edit your items [click the gear icon at the top right of the item page/Edit Item] and add links to the next [at the bottom] and previous [at the top] chapter's item using WritingML Help for item.

*Bullet* Edit your existing item(s) that are not full (free members can have Static items up to 50KB in file size), and add the next section to the content, as long as the addition doesn't put the item over the size limit.

With a free membership you cannot use
*Bullet* Folder items (Basic+ paid membership required) or
*Bullet* Book items (Upgraded+ paid membership required).

See "Compare Free and Paid Membership Benefits for details about the various levels of membership.
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