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Joyful Account Anniversary, Fellow Dragon!
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Hey Everyone,
Well the year is slowly coming to a close and it will be the first year in which I will have accomplished little in the way of writing. I did nothing with NaPoWriMo in April, and though I started strong with NaNoWriMo, I failed to really write anything in November as well.

Though I'm usually prolific with regards to writing poetry, my total count for the entire year thus far numbers only ten. Truly pathetic for a writer.

Now it's true depression and anxiety seemed to have sidetracked me for most of the year. And I've now got a move to prepare for in the early spring of next year. Not to mention worried parents who take up time and push my anxiety levels through the roof. But I sometimes wonder why these things should take away from my ability to write anything. Yet I find myself drawn away from my keyboard by the lure of different kind of projects, such as sewings, or mind-numbing video games (if I'm not sorting things for the move). And I wonder if I'm the only one who's had such a failing year for writing? I feel alone in my misery of lacking words upon pages. Please, anyone, tell me I'm not alone.......

Seeking comfort.
Your Eflin Dragon
Lisa, I'm in the same boat as you. I didn't really complete NaPoWriMo and didn't even bother with NaNoWriMo. I'm just happy I had the motivation to write a newsletter. However, my mind was on getting healthy this year and focusing on things that made me happy. Happy = health; I decided to spend time with friends and family, travel. I also spent time with my Happiness Box Project. This has helped my health and I'm not stressing too much about not writing.

Honestly, I think sewing and gaming are good, sometimes we all need breaks and need something else to focus on for the time being. Please don't beat yourself up too much. If you're healthy and happy, that's all that matters.
I've written only 1 poem this year *Think* and like you feel miserable for the lack of words. This year was definitely a writing failure for me as well, you're not alone in it.
I'm with you there. Maybe a few letters for the snail mail group and a poem or two and that's it for me.

Other projects and worries has me sidetracked too. For some reason I get hooked on one project and want to work on nothing but that until it's finished. Some of which will take quite some time until done. Time to plan a little bit of balance between it and the rest.
Wow, have you ever wondered about alligators in winter? Well, here's the answer.

Wow, have you ever wondered about alligators in winter? Well here's the answer. *Smile*

Happy (belated!) WDC anniversary! *Heartp* *Delight* *Balloony*

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Happy 4th WDC Anniversary, Lisa!
Have a wonderful day,
Suffering Trinket Loss - *Cry*

Actually I'm suffering from Trinket Withdrawal Syndrom. I've been gone so long I know I've missed the chance to snatch up some great trinkets. So my mind is whirling at all the possibilities. Anyone point me in the direction of some trinkets?