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I was definitely less astounded by that. *Laugh* Well deserved.
OMGoodness, Pinch myself, I'm a finalist. 😲🤔😍
Thank you to Elle, our fabulous Quill Master!
And big thanks to Kittiara, Fivesixer, Jayne, and Charity Marie-Missing Hubby
for providing Elle with help and for entertaining us all.

*Coffeev* *Heartp* Congratulations to all the Finalists and Winners! *Heartp* *Coffeev*

It's a long weekend here, and I was going to go and see my mother today since I have the PreQuill ceremony tomorrow, and then I thought 'Uh, you're not actually prepared for the ceremony yet!' *Facepalm* So I'm busy pre-writing the announcements so I can cut and paste them (otherwise it'll be a slow and tedious ceremony for you all!). Are you looking forward to finding out all the finalists and some winners tomorrow? Who has their outfit picked out? I've got mine sorted. *Wink*

2019 PreQuill Ceremony  (13+)
Saturday 30th May at 4pm WDC time
#2158296 by Elle
Holding? CHOOSING.

It's been so long since I've worn anything other than jeans and old, holey tops with food stains down the front (oh, the joys of COVID!). Now, where did I put that purple-stunner ballgown of mine? *Think* *Laugh*

BTW, just to clarify. I do sometimes wear clothes that are clean *Blush*
Just so everyone knows, with more than 60 Quill Awards in total to hand out *Shock*, these are the ones we'll be announcing tomorrow at the PreQuills:

Finalists in these categories:
Best Arts, Music and Crafts
Best Comedy
Best Community
Best Cultural and Regional
Best Dark
Best Drama
Best Fantasy
Best Inspirational
Best Love/Relationship
Best Nature
Best Medium-Length Poem, Structured
Best Medium-Length Poem, Free Verse
Best Flash Fiction
Best Short Story (1)
Best Reviewing
Best Port

Winners and HMs in these categories:
Best Action/Adventure
Best Adult/Erotica
Best Animal and Pets
Best Children's and Young Adult
Best Crime/Gangster and Mystery
Best Educational
Best Family and Parenting
Best Friendship
Best Holiday
Best Horror
Best Health/Medical
Best Philosophy
Best Political/Opinion
Best Psychology
Best Science Fiction
Best Spiritual/Religious
Best Women's

2019 PreQuill Ceremony  (13+)
Saturday 30th May at 4pm WDC time
#2158296 by Elle
Hey everyone! Check out my review for Robyn is PUBLISHED! 's new book, and then go and grab a copy for yourself! I couldn't put it down...

"Book review: Don't Speak by Vanessa Heath

Product Type: Kindle
Amazon's Price: $ 3.99
All voting on Quill genre categories is complete now. Thank you to all who voted!
If you're feeling a bit reluctant, Satuawany just gave me a tie-breaker for Adult/Erotica, and Chibithulu (Alyssa) just gave me a tie-breaker for Pscychology. *Smile*
I didn't see Medie's comment when I did that, but I probably would've voted anyway since I'd already read so many. I'm still reading "Holiday" and I'll vote on it tonight sometime. If no one's voted on "Animal/Pets" by then, I'll look over the ones I haven't read before and vote.

I'm not doing "Inspirational" or "Dark/Tragedy," though, because I have items in those. *Cool*

Oh good. Glad you got it cuz I was sooo confused by what was being offering.
Due to low voting numbers this year, could I please urgently get some more votes on these categories?

Currently this one doesn't have any votes at all! *Shock*

"Quill genre judging: Adult/Erotica

And these ones are in a tie-breaker situation and additional votes would be appreciated. I will be closing these polls in about 24 hours, so if you could please vote today, that would be awesome.

"Quill genre judging: Animal/Pets
"Quill genre judging: Children's and YA
"Quill genre judging: Comedy
"Quill genre judging: Dark/Tragedy
"Quill genre judging: Family
"Quill genre judging: Fantasy
"Quill genre judging: Friendship

"Quill genre judging: Holiday
"Quill genre judging: Inspirational
"Quill genre judging: Medical/Health
"Quill genre judging: Philosophy

"Quill genre judging: Psychology
"Quill genre judging: Science Fiction
Yeah, what Miranda Keening said. I'll be skipping Medical/Health, as I've already submitted entries for that category.
I did the vote as well.
I did some voting also.
Hi hi! Long time no see :). Just wanted to drop by and say you might want to check the dedication in my book *BigSmile*

*Shock2* Wow! *StarStruck* Thank you so much! How exciting! I'm going to order a copy right now. *Bigsmile* I'm glad to see you so upbeat and positive about something, and I hope this is the start of a run of really wonderful things for you.
I gotta be honest, I was a little weirded out to read a book featuring a 'Millenial and a Gen X-er' described as a 'May-December' romance. Um, excuse me? Isn't that more like a May-July romance? *Confused*
@ 🔥 Krista 🔥 Your mom's a Baby Boomer, you're Gen X, and hubby's a Millennial.

FYI *BigSmile*
Baby Boomers: Baby boomers were born between 1944 and 1964. They're current between 55-75 years old (76 million in U.S.)
Gen X: Gen X was born between 1965 - 1979 and are currently between 40-54 years old (82 million people in U.S.)
Gen Y: or Millennials were born between 1980 and 1994. They are currently between 25-39 years old.
Gen Y.1 = 25-29 years old (31 million people in U.S.)
Gen Y.2 = 29-39 (42 million people in U.S.)
Gen Z: Gen Z is the newest generation to be named and were born between 1995 and 2015. They are currently between 4-24 years old (nearly 74 million in U.S.)
Yeah, what Ken said. I agree with his definition, but I didn't realise that the Gen Z or Post-Millennials started in 1995. I thought they started in 2000 (literally, after the millennium).
Elle , Gen Z started around 1997. Depends on where you read, and it might change. I always say, "Gen Z started in 2000." That would more logical... but what do I know?
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