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I just read "The Girl (Never Little), which was nominated for a Quill Award. Seriously powerful poetry. Worth reading.

The Girl (Never Little)  (13+)
A poem about the lasting effects of emotional abuse.
#2181922 by Choco Ohhhh NaNooooo!
Wow... Definitely powerful poetry.

Thanks for sharing it on the Newsfeed!
Thank you so much! I really put my heart and soul in this poem. I'm so happy it works. It's always scary to share such personal writing, isn't it? But I'm so glad I did share this. *Heartv*
I set this as my bio on Instagram:
Amateur photographer, blogger, poet, mother and wife. Professional admin manager. *Laugh*

My family interpreted it as only the photographer part being amateur, when I intended it to apply to all the titles in that sentence. That's why I put the laughing emoji, because it amused me to call myself an amateur wife and amateur mother. Well, I don't get paid for them, do I? *Laugh*

Any suggestions on how to rephrase it so that my weird sense of humour is more obvious without belaboring the point?
Understood as is *Wink*
Okay, I went with this one:

Professional: admin manager
Amateur: photographer, blogger, poet, mother and wife *Laugh*
Thank you all for your help! Greatly appreciated. *Bigsmile*
I just re-read all the comments on "Gustation (warning, it's XGC rated) and it made me miss the crazy days when we'd all talk shit and poems would write themselves...
I'll try and do some 30Day blog posts soon and make sure I haven't missed any of yours, so I can at least contribute to the 'talking shit' part. *Laugh*
I was reading through the comments on the blog post and had to pause on the mint-flavored thing. That is a new one for me.

*Laugh* Yeah, that was definitely a new one for me too!
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#1967461 by Sunnie
But, I have NaNo-ing to do! This is so unfair! *Sob*

I wonder if I can weasel some NaNo plot into those prompts... *Think*

Sunnie , please let me know if anyone completes all 66 prompts. I'll send them my exclusive Norb Award MB as well.

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Are you people kidding me?!? I HAVE NANO! Fine! I just won't sleep. Are you happy now? Geez! The things I do for MBs. *Pthb*
If anyone can help me send some merit badges and awardicons, drop me a line. I have a bunch that need to go out. *Smile*
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#2107201 by Andy~~getting back to WDC
Oh, what a great idea! I didn't even know there was such a forum, Nixie ! I'm impressed! Are they taking new members? I suppose I could just go ask. *Bigsmile*
That forum does more official things like a MB for an award. ruwth has one that will send a MB for any reason--birthdays, just because, whatever. It costs like 700 GPs or something, but for one or two, it's no big deal. Though for Quills, it might be a bit much. *Wink*

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#2129283 by ruwth
Cubby spreading kindness... long explanation short, the answer is no new members. I sent you an email explaining why.

However, the requests are open to all members!
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#2199191 by J.L. O'Dell(NANO)
Thanks for reposting this!
Any photographers or family historians here? I've been researching and experimenting with photo scanning and storage software.

"Photo storage software"   in "Photography Club Forum

While I think about it, I should probably also copy to "Roots & Wings Discussion Forum.
I use google photos to back up from my phone but that's because my school gave me unlimited storage for Google. *shrug*
Osirantinous - Photomyne might work for scanning copies of all your handwritten stories?
Life has been a bit chaotic here this week. On Tuesday afternoon (local time), a major convention centre that was under construction caught fire. It is located about 2-3 blocks from where I work.

Thick black smoke covered the city centre and of course the air conditioning on all the office blocks (including the office I work in) sucked it in, so we sat here breathing it in. *Sick*

The powers that be declared a Civil Defence emergency, and told everyone to avoid the city centre if at all possible. By this time, it was time to go home on Tuesday anyway which meant rush hour traffic. Numerous roads were closed as up to 130 fire personnel tried to put out the fire, and the city pretty much ground to a standstill.

It's now nearly midday on Thursday, and while the fire is finally under control, it is not yet out (as far as I know). We stayed home yesterday but have come into the office today. The air con is off, but the air on the street is noticeably improved since Tuesday. Now it's more of a lingering smoke smell that won't go away until the air con is turned back on (which they will do once the fire is out).

Not much fun, but I got a paid day off yesterday, so there's that! *Bigsmile*

SkyCity NZ International Convention Centre fire