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It's that time again!

How would the people at Writing.com know if anything happened to you? And what would happen to your group items?

Leave a note in your will for someone to alert SM (they can send him an email at storymaster@writing.com from any email address including outside of WDC), and set up group succession plans as per "Transfer a Group To Another Member.

I’ve left a letter for my family which includes instructions on how to contact SM, and I’ve told my husband and my sisters about the letter and the instructions. A copy is kept with my will. I’ve also written up "Group Succession Plans so SM knows what to do with my groups and activities. How about you?
SO IMPORTANT! Thank you for the reminder! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Good idea and suggestion, Elle. I’ll probably mention it in my codicil because my Last Will and Testament is done.
Yeah, mine isn't in my legal will, it's just in a letter for my loved ones, and I've put a copy with my will for convenience.
In case anyone missed me (I know, you didn't even realise I was gone, did you?), my laptop broke, I sprained my wrist, and we have been super busy at work. I was actually away long enough to get an email saying 'You haven't logged in for about a week' which never happens. *Laugh*

I got the laptop repaired, it stopped charging again, and I ended up buying a new one. Yay for a new laptop! Boo for all the money that's no longer in my account. *Rolleyes*

My wrist has been x-rayed and is definitely not broken, so that's a bonus. Just sprained. No idea how I did it. I had a specialist appointment on Tuesday that I'd been waiting four months for, for my shoulder, and he looked at my wrist at the same time, and now I'm booked in for an MRI on both my shoulder and my wrist. But basically, the answer is physio for both.

And we've just switched accounting systems at work, which has meant a LOT of work for me. Crazy amounts of data entry, which has been awesome with a sprained wrist, obvs. *Facepalm* Some long days. But we're on the home stretch now.

Quills judging is pretty much all done, just a few small things on my end to do. Then we need to set a date! Shall we choose a Friday and a Saturday in May? Who's keen? When are you free? I can't please everyone, but I try to please a few of the key panellists. Who wants to be on the panel this year? Video involvement is preferable, talking is mandatory.
Hoping for fast healing!

No preference as to Friday or Saturday, but the 7th/8th and 14th/15th would be optimal. Not sure yet when I'll be out of town at the end of May; could be one, both, or neither and I'd rather do it the Quills from home if possible.
Ive had THREE serious tendon issues in my dominant, right hand, this year Elle-Ie. I mean, right? Empathy. Hopefully some shots at the most will be your lot...they're helping me. Slowly. Repetitious work like typing and all that in the higher administration field really can mess up your stuff!
I've got an MRI on the shoulder and the wrist booked for next Tuesday, and a follow-up with the specialist the week after, so hopefully we'll make some progress...
With Robert Edward Baker and ✨GERV➻❥Ult Candy Crusher sharing their blogs in the newsfeed, I felt inspired.

Share your blog with us! Give us a link, a brief summary of what we can expect, and maybe a link to a favourite entry or two. WDC blogs or offsite blogs, whichever.

I'll happily visit and follow (I think I can only follow Wordpress and Livejournal blogs), but don't expect me as a regular visitor because I can't even keep up with my own blog let alone regularly visiting others. *Laugh* I love to see what people create though.

I'll share mine in the comments too.
I write about my world. Come sit on the porch with me. But remember, I'm in Montana. So bring some warm clothes. It can, and does, snow any day here.

Norma's Wanderings around a small section of Montana
#2198921 by Queen NormaJean II GreenEyes

It's new. I haven't done a big update yet because the merry-go-round won't stop spinning... *Ha*
Mind Minutiae  (18+)
In & out of my mind. Blogging journey via the "30-Day Blogging Challenge"
#2245564 by Whata Optic Heck

Okay, folks! I've set dates! Get your glad rags ready! I want to see tuxes and designer dresses, diamonds and pearls, stilettos and tiaras! And that's just for the guys! *Rolling*

PreQuills - Friday 14th May, starting at 5pm (WDC time)
Quills - Saturday 22nd May, starting at 5pm (WDC time)

Who wants to join me and Jayne on the Quills panel this year? To be fair to everyone, this will be a first come, first served kind of deal. And you don't have to do both (in fact, kind of cool to mix it up a bit). But I think with Zoom we're not so limited in numbers as we were previously, so 'she'll be right' as us Kiwis say. You'll need a working mic, and camera is optional but preferred.

If you're a newbie who is wondering what all the fuss is about, I'll put a link to last year's Quill ceremony video in the comments below. *Wink*

Thanks for telling. I'll try to participate
Elle "But OMG, do you remember that time ANDY fell asleep on camera? That was SO funny!"

Never forget it! Then when Jim's wife came on camera in magnification? HILARIOUS. Dunno if I've ever laughed so hard in my adult life as these two incidents. Might need a diaper *Whistle*

Hey btw, I've not zoomed before, can you tell me how that works on the PC? It has a more stable wifi than my Apples...I can set it up and test it beforehand. NO camera work for me, my PC doesn't even have a webcam...*No*

Thanks Elle-ie! And also to Jayne . And to the official cheerleader of the Quills, Schnujo *Bigsmile*
I use Zoom for work. Basically, it's similar to Skype. I'll send a link, you'll click on the link and join the 'meeting'. The good thing about Zoom is that you can schedule 'meetings' in advance, you can have multiple participants, and you can choose to either see everyone at once (which is the format we'll be using for Quills) or just the main speaker (I would use this, but it doesn't show you yourself, so you'd never see me which apparently some people want to be able to do for some crazy reason). I don't think you need to download or sign up to Zoom to join in on a link someone has sent you, but I can't promise that because I already have a paid subscription. I do know that if you have to sign up, you can do so to a free membership, but I think you won't have to.
Check out this fabulous new fiction contest!!

Contest Signature

"Note: [Link To User bookmeister] and [Link To User ma..."
Hey, poets! The "Fantasy and Science Fiction Society have started a monthly poetry contest for poems up to 15 lines long that have a fantasy or sci fi element to them. Poems must be newly written.

Check it out for more details!

 Universal poetry writing contest  (E)
ok team... here we have the first FSFS group.
#2249646 by David the Dark one!
I got an access restricted notice when I clicked it.
Me, too. Don't forget to nominate great poems for Best Short Poem, Structured or Free Verse in "The Quill Awards through "2021 Nomination Form for Quill Awards, David the Dark one!. *Bigsmile*
"Easter weekend

A long-winded explanation of my extraordinarily crappy weekend.

"My long weekend was a pretty epic rollercoaster that included me calling for an ambulance...twice.
It started on Thursday evening..."
Thank you Secret Squirrel ~SS~ for the cnote and the gift points! I needed that after my spectacularly crappy long weekend. *Heart*
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