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I'm slowly rediscovering my space on this site now that I'm no longer the Quillmaster. I know, it shouldn't be this hard, but a lot of things were set aside because I just didn't have the energy. "The Not-Just-Spring-Cleaning Challenge has inspired me to write a few poems, which is awesome, and I'm starting to feel creative again.

O🇺🇦 Hockey CAN-FRA 7:1 just sent me a lovely merit badge as part of "The Whatever Contest in which she mentioned "Interviews with Elle. I had to go back and re-read some of the stuff there, because it has literally been years since I interviewed anyone. I really enjoyed doing those interviews.

So I have a few people I wanna reach out to and interview (Charity Marie > 🇺🇦 and Rhymer Reisen , I'm looking at you two!), but I'd love to get some others. What about YOU?

Let me know (by comment or email) if you're keen, and I'll send you a list of questions. You can skip any you don't want to answer, of course. *Wink*

Interviews with Elle  (13+)
Where I interview various Writing.com members - let me know if I can interview YOU!
#2147186 by Elle (she/her)
I'm always up for an interview. Everyone tells me I should write down a few things.
I would like to be interviewed as well.
Joining the club. *BigSmile*
Don't miss out on Buddhangela's Brave & Crazy 's new journalling activity. I'm so inspired already, and all I've done is read the prompts. So far I have 47 ideas for entries, and it's only day one! *Shock* You should definitely check it out, and if you're keen, sign up now!

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Thank you for the promo, Elle (she/her)!
"You're so awesome!" (whispered) ~Moana

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Where are all my fellow bloggers? Come and check out this new activity! "Note: [Image #2271107] Sign-Up Begins Tomorrow! ..."

BA's NJSC Journal, May-October 2022  (13+)
6-months of Journaling Prompts, to Help Clear Our Minds and Tease Out Our Muses!
#2270925 by Buddhangela's Brave & Crazy

I'm already inspired. *InLove*
It's private and passkey protected.
I would like to sign up! *HeartP*
Sign up at "NJSC Journaling Sign-Up and you'll receive the trinket you need to access the activity. *Smile*
Merit badge challenge

Merit Badge in Elle
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I should probably save this for "JAFBG, but oh well. I saw this question asked on social media a few days ago and it has been playing on my mind. I haven't sat down yet and written a blog post, but I want to. Maybe this week (it's a long weekend here in NZ). But I'd be keen to know what you all think.

If you write your own blog entry on this conundrum, link it in the comments and I'll hand out some Elle merit badges (randomly if there are too many participants for my budget!). If you just want to post a quick answer in the comments, that's cool too, but those won't be in the running for the badges.

Would you rather:
a) Go back to being 10 years old but all the knowledge you have now, or
b) Skip forward 10 years but have $50 million in the bank?


I call Starbucks and place an order I know the manager. *BigSmile*
"A $50 Million Question and I would buy a Starbucks, run the place into the ground eating and drinking the profit with family and friends, as Innerlight
Thank you all for playing along. I'll send out merit badges to everyone who wrote a blog post. I found that there were definitely advantages to each scenario, and you guys came up with some that I hadn't considered. There were also some huge disadvantages to each scenario, and in the end, I decided that I was glad it was hypothetical and I didn't have to actually choose one!
I'm late, but driving by to wish you a Happy Birthday! *Cake*
Thank you!
Hppy birthday sweetie!
Thank you!
Thank you so much to everyone who sent me MBs, cNotes and birthday wishes for my birthday on Friday. Sorry for the delay in responding to you all. As I mentioned in my blog, I've been down with Covid. Sadly, it came on the heels of a sinus infection which means I've now had brain fog for about three weeks. *Rolleyes* It's so frustrating. Never mind, I'll get through it and that's the main thing. Will be back here when my brain is feeling better. *Wink*
Went through it in January. Empathize. ❤️
Late happy birthday to you.

I hope you feel better soon.
It's a bear to get through, I had something similar in December. Get well soon.

Thank you so much! *Delight*
*Delight* *HeartB* H A P P Y *Strawberries*
B I R T H D A Y ! *Smile* *Heart*
Thank you so much! *Delight*
in purple, of course
Warmest wishes for a happy birthday!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
*GiftV* *Balloonp* *GiftV* *Balloonp**GiftV*
Thank you so much! *Delight*
An animated greeting
*Balloongo*Enjoy your Birthday Month!*Balloongo*
*Heart**Delight* ~~Maryann*Delight**Heart*
Thank you!!
Thank you so much! *Delight*
Thank you so much! *Delight*
Have a wonderful birthday. I hope you write something wonderful.
Thank you! No, I don't think I wrote anything, but one day soon, hopefully!
*Balloonb* *Balloonv* Happy Birthday, Elle! *Balloonv* *Balloonb*
Thank you so much! *Delight*
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