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Merit badge challenge

Merit Badge in Music
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Thank you for your participation in the  48-HOUR CHALLENGE: "Carry On by Fun" Media Prompt  hosted by  [Link To User support]  August 2018! We appreciate that you tackled this challenge... *^*Smile*^* *^*Thumbsupl*^* Merit Badge in Music
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Thank you for your participation in the  48-HOUR CHALLENGE: "Carry On by Fun" Media Prompt  hosted by  [Link To User support]  August 2018! We appreciate that you tackled this challenge... *^*Smile*^* *^*Thumbsupl*^* Merit Badge in Music
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Thank you for your participation in the  48-HOUR CHALLENGE: "Carry On by Fun" Media Prompt  hosted by  [Link To User support]  August 2018! We appreciate that you tackled this challenge... *^*Smile*^* *^*Thumbsupl*^* Merit Badge in Music
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Thank you for your participation in the  48-HOUR CHALLENGE: "Carry On by Fun" Media Prompt  hosted by  [Link To User support]  August 2018! We appreciate that you tackled this challenge... *^*Smile*^* *^*Thumbsupl*^* Merit Badge in Music
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Thank you for your participation in the  48-HOUR CHALLENGE: "Carry On by Fun" Media Prompt  hosted by  [Link To User support]  August 2018! We appreciate that you tackled this challenge... *^*Smile*^* *^*Thumbsupl*^*

I've got a roadtrip tomorrow that will take a minimum of five hours and probably considerably longer considering that it's a holiday weekend. I could use a little help with my roadtrip playlist. *Wink*

Read "Road trip! and suggest songs for me to add to my playlist. The list itself should give you an idea of the kind of music we like, and I've made some notes in the entry itself too.

*Bullet* Please don't suggest songs that are already in the list or have already been suggested.
*Bullet* Please be reasonable about the number of suggestions you make.
*Bullet* Please leave your suggestions on the blog entry (not here) so that it's easier for people to track what has already been suggested.

I'll give a Music merit badge to the first five songs that I add to my playlist from your suggestions. Yes, this means there's no 'luck' involved, no rolling of the dice, so please consider your suggestions! This challenge will finish when five merit badges have been given out, or when I leave for my roadtrip tomorrow morning (about 6pm tomorrow WDC time), whichever comes first. *Smile*
Moondance by Van Morrison
Tainted Love by Soft Cell
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All the Same by Sick Puppies. The song was used in the Free Hugs video by Juan Mann.
Please join me in congratulating the winners of "The Quill Awards!

Best Community - "Mental Health Writers Alliance"   [GC] by Char ♡
HM - "Question of the Day!"   [18+] by Lilli ☕

Best Dark - "Fuck Mother's Day"   [GC] by Lyn
HM - "The Little Arsonist"   [18+] by Jayne

Best Fantasy - "Samantha's Pet"   [18+] by Pink & Fluffy Bob Baker 🦄
HM - "The Impatient Fairy"   [E] by Schnujo Got Into USC in LA

Best Horror - "I Am Death, the Harvester of Souls"   [18+] by Jim Hall
HM - "Sharp Advice From a Good Knife"   [XGC] by Strega

Best Romance - "Dried Flowers"   [13+] by 🌜 Huntersmoon
HM - "Honey Crisp Kisses (33 Lines)"   [E] by ♥HOOves♥

Best Forum (Non Contest) - "a very Wodehouse challenge"   [E] by iKïyå§ama
HM - "Question of the Day!"   [18+] by Lilli ☕

Best Campfire, In & Out, or Interactive - "Corrupt-A-Wish"   [13+] by BCM
HM - "Daily Snapshot"   [E] by Genipher-gone fishing!

Best Image/cNote - "Chickadee"   [E] by Caerlynn (Away)

Best Image/cNote Shop - "Movie Quotes Gone Wrong cNotes"   [13+] by Lornda
HM - "Lilli's Sarcastic C-Notes"   [18+] by Lilli ☕

Best New Contest - "24 Syllables"   [E] by Lostwordsmith❆
HM - "Second Time Around Contest"   [E] by Choconut

Best Contest - "SCREAMS!!!"   [XGC] by Angus
HM - "The Writer's Cramp"   [13+] by Sophy

Best Raffle/Auction - "Cupid's Lucky Arrows-Closed"   [13+] by Hannah ♫♥♫

Best Group - "Mental Health Writers Alliance"   [GC] by Char ♡
HM - "The WDC Angel Army"   [ASR] by iKïyå§ama

Best Blog - "Herding Cats & Squirrel Tracks"   [XGC] by Jayne
HM - "Complex Numbers"   [18+] by Robert Waltz
HM - "Loving Libby"   [18+] by Charity is work+move+school

Best Short Poem, Structured - "Scary Love"   [GC] by Pink & Fluffy Bob Baker 🦄
HM - "Ode to My Ex-Husband"   [13+] by Queen Kissy

Best Medium-Length Poem, Structured, goes to "The Flags Waved on a Hillside in France"   [E] by Rhychus
HM - "The Little Arsonist"   [18+] by Jayne

Best Long Poem, Structured - "Don't @ Me"   [18+] by Jeff

Best Short Poem, Free Verse - "There Are No Bad Words"   [GC] by Emily
HM - "You Break It, You Broke It"   [GC] by Cinn

Best Medium-Length Poem, Free Verse - "You Would Have Been Loved"   [E] by Azrael Tseng
HM - "Grandpa's Best"   [E] by Sally
HM - "Poor Little Things"   [18+] by Jayne

Best Long Poem, Free Verse - "Mistakes"   [GC] by Emily
HM - "Silencing The Voices"   [E] by Azrael Tseng

Best Non-Fiction - "a Dream deferred "   [18+] by iKïyå§ama
HM - "The Birds of Winter"   [18+] by Jayne

Best Flash Fiction - "Boo"   [13+] by Choconut
HM - "Adoration"   [13+] by Sally

Best Short Story (1) - "The Cane"   [GC] by Jayne
HM - "The Grass Is Greener"   [18+] by Pink & Fluffy Bob Baker 🦄
HM - "Cry of the Llano"   [ASR] by Azrael Tseng

Best Short Story (2) - "Offering"   [13+] by Azrael Tseng
HM - "God's Mission -- the Will of the Lord."   [XGC] by hvysmker

Best Newsletter - "Copyright or Copywrong? by Sara♥Jean
HM - "Basic Meter for Beginners by Northernwrites

Best Reviewing - Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈
HM - Cat Voleur

Best New Portfolio - Jayne
HM - Lilli ☕

Best Portfolio - Tiggy - catching up
HM - Warped Sanity
HM - Choconut

Special Contribution to WDC - 🌜 Huntersmoon
Special Contribution to WDC - Jayne
Special Contribution to WDC - Schnujo Got Into USC in LA

 2019 Nomination Form for Quill Awards  (E)
Nominate someone for a Quill!
#2145930 by Elle - away camping
I think we should all send Elle - away camping something since she can't win the Special Contributions award, but she certainly deserves it! Send her a MB, awardicon, c-note, GPs, review, or whatever else strikes your fancy!

And, of course, send her nominations for next year's Quills! *Heart*
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Thank you Jody, but I've actually received a slew of merit badges and thank yous already. *Heart*
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YAY! There isn't enough thank yous for you!
Hi everyone, sorry for the delay with Quills. Daylight Saving between PreQuill and Quills meant the times were all out of whack for me. We'll start as soon as some minor technical issues (not mine!) are sorted. *Wink*
I'm on my phone or I'd send the link, but either scroll down the news feed or check out Elle's feed. She posted a YouTube link. You can see the In & Out if you click the link below the video. But to refresh the comments, you need another page open or you keep messing up the video, too
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Yes Schnujo Got Into USC in LA I remember seeing the video, so I will open another page and click on that and see what happens :) tyvm!!
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"Note: Who's excited for the Quills..."
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Who's excited for the Quills ceremony this afternoon? *Delight*

2018 Quill Awards Ceremony  (18+)
Announcing Quill winners!
#2159161 by Elle - away camping

By the way, it feels weird saying 'this afternoon' when it's 9:20pm on Saturday here in NZ, and I'll be starting the ceremony at 7:30 tomorrow morning. *Headbang*
Go, Ken's granddaughter!!

I'll be here on the In and Out and looking forward to being with everyone tonight (it will be 7.30pm here in the UK).
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I got a late start going to my friend's house, so I'm going to try and listen on my drive. I've got my phone set up so all I have to do is wake it up and hit the button to play Elle's thing. It should feed sound through my car so while I can't comment, at least I should be able to hear everything.

Pre-congratulations to everyone who wins! *Bigsmile*
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I realised when I was writing "Project update that I never shared the first volume of my family recipe book with you all. Some of you may have seen it on Facebook, but it's worth sharing. It took me 8 years (mostly to collate the recipes), and I still have two more volumes to go. Nearly 600 recipes, some modern, some dating back to WWII, and a bunch inbetween. All recipes are written as they're given to me, which means some are metric, some are imperial, some use outdated measurements (yes, even more outdated than imperial! *Laugh*). There's a handy measurement converter in the back though.

This first volume is all the 'meals' - breakfast, snacks and starters, soups, main meals and desserts and puddings. You'll see my dad's tongue-in-cheek contribution of baked beans on toast right at the beginning! *Laugh*

Volume two will be baking.

Volume three will be special occasions, sweets, drinks, condiments and preserves, and miscellaneous. I've been told miscellaneous will even include an old recipe for 'flying ointment'. *Shock*

Meals - Family recipes collated by Elle Schroder  

When the page opens, click on 'preview' and then you can flick through the pages. *Smile* If anyone wants an actual recipe (you probably can't read them well enough on the screen), holler at me. I'm not sharing to encourage anyone to buy a copy (I don't make a profit on the books), but just to share my achievement. *Wink*
I love your family recipe project. You're making great progress!
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Yes, Angela, I believe it is exactly that type of potion. I’m told it’s contains belladonna. I don’t have the recipe yet, but I’ve heard about it from my mother-in-law and her brother. My mother-in-law is going to find the book it’s in for me.
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That is so cool, Elle! Your books sound interesting. I know I have looked at some of your recipes and from what I've seen thus far they look really good.
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After consulting with my trusted advisers, I, the Quillmaster, have come to humbly beg your forgiveness.

In the midst of the glamour and dazzle of the PreQuills, I overlooked announcing the finalists for Best Flash Fiction. *Shock2* I know, I know, I'm a terrible person. *Sob*

Please join me in congratulating the following finalists for Best Flash Fiction:
"Peeps"   [E] by L.A. Grawitch
"Hazmat"   [18+] by Jayne
"Boo"   [13+] by Choconut
"Just Being Me"   [13+] by Choconut
"What if... "   [E] by 🌜 Huntersmoon
"Woodcutter's View"   [13+] by K Renée
"Adoration"   [13+] by Sally
"The Bittermooners"   [13+] by Ray Scrivener

I hope that, despite this appalling oversight of mine, you will all still deign to join me for the Quills ceremony on Saturday at 2:30pm (WDC time). I look forward to seeing you there.

The Quillmaster

Quillmaster or QuillMistress *Think*
Yeah, maybe it should be Quillmistress. I just went with QUillmaster being a unisex title. *Laugh*
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Congratulations to all flash fiction winners.
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I'm just noting all the sponsors for "The Quill Awards. If you've requested to sponsor a category and I haven't noted you, please let me know ASAP.

*BurstP* Best Blog - the blogging consortium including "30-Day Blogging Challenge, "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise, "Blogging Circle of Friends and "Blogging Bliss Newsletter

*Burstp* Best Short Poem, Structured - Chris Breva - 6 Years at WDC!

*Burstp* Best Medium Poem, Structured - Queen Kissy

*Burstp* Best Reviewing - "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group

If you want to sponsor a category, there's still time, but hurry!

(This list doesn't include any donations for the new Quill Sponsor merit badge *Wink*)
I'm nowhere near ready for Quills. How about you guys?

"Note: SAVE THE DATE! Get your tu..."
Holy crap the PreQuills are this Friday!! AHHHHHHHHHKKKKK!!!
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SO SORRY! I'm SO far behind on e-mails...like nearly 2 pages. I'm JUST now getting back to this. Sorry, again, that I failed you as a judge. Bad Jody! On the good side, I haven't done my stuff either. I still need to do my February "The Contest Challenge entry...and April's, so I can finish on time like I'm pestering other people to do. *Laugh* And I want to do a fundraiser for Quills in May, but I haven't even started working on the page, let alone begged for donations or figured out new MBs. *Pthb* Somebody needs to get on the stick!
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You’re starting to sound like me. *Laugh* Stop stressing, Quills is fine, and you’ll catch up on your contest.
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