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#2233541 by J.L. O'Dell-Your Scare Master
I've been ridiculously uninspired when it comes to poetry this year, and yet it's been playing on my mind. I wanted to write poetry, but it just wasn't happening.

But I think I just found my inspiration....

Resurrection Jukebox  (E)
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#2009876 by Jeff-o'-lantern

And hopefully this get me going so I can enter some of the other awesome contests and activities that are running!
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#2233333 by Elle
Wordsmitty has you in the newsletter has becoming blue. I thought you were already blue.
I'll take that as a compliment. *Wink*
*Bigsmile* I think it’s just because our names are similar, that’s all. Easy to get mixed up! At first glance through the newsletter, I didn’t even notice! *Laugh* I saw the “E” and didn’t read the rest. Lol
Darn, and here I thought it was because we were super amazingly awesome women. *Smirk*
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#2233333 by Elle
No, it's me.
Is anyone interested in Amazon's new book club feature? I have the ability to create a club, and would be happy to run a WDC book club there if anyone desired. Could potentially be in conjunction with such activities as "Book Sharing by Cuboo Hufflepuffs 18 WDC years , "The Monthly Reading Challenge by ~Minja~ , "Writing.Com Reading Challenge by ~Minja~ or an entirely new activity. Let me know if you're interested and if we do go ahead, I'll share the link on the newsfeed.
That sounds awesome, I'd love to be a part of that!
Thanks, Elle. *Heart*
That might be just the thing that may avoid or diminish the trouble Amazon is giving us when we do PRs on the site, especially with the e-books.
Are you missing Gaby's GOT challenges and dramas? This one is a different book series and on a smaller scale, but it looks like it'll be fun!

Harry Potter and the Writers' Spell  (13+)
Hogwarts is celebrating WdC's 20th birthday! Care to join the party?
#2228853 by Xiea's brewing pure spook!

If we can get five more people to sign up and then comment on this post that they've done so, I'll sign up too. *Smirk*

Which house will YOU be in?
Fair enough, Norb, fair enough. I must admit to sitting out a few rounds of GOT myself. It was a unique level of insanity. But this still looks like fun, and we've had some awesome team based challenges in the past on this site.
I've signed up.
Thanks for the shutout, Elle ! We'll definately miss Fivesixer . *Cry* Thanks for joining us, Andy~~your friend til the end . *Bigsmile*
I'm a bit of a nerd, so I had fun seeing what achievement badges had been earned.

Account anniversary:
The highest is 15 years. No one has yet claimed a 20 year one. There were 123 people with the 15 year badge, so I didn't list them all!

Review achievements:
Princess Morticia Megan Rose (25,000)

Message forum achievements:
Lilli Munster☕ (10,000)
eyestar~ (10,000)
Hannah ♫♥♫ (10,000)
Snow Vampire (10,000)
Joy The Masked Ghoul (10,000)
Northernwrites (10,000)
The ScaryMaster (10,000)

Rewarding achievements:
The ScaryMaster (50,000)
Trick-r-Trinketing Sum1 (25,000)

Newsfeed achievements:
Elle (10,000)
Dreadful Dragon (10,000)

Merit badge achievements:
Writing.Com Support (10,000)
Hannah ♫♥♫ (2,500)
iKïyå§amaCabre (2,500)
Elle (2,500)

Go and collect yours from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/badges/my/view/achievements
You're on a roll! *Bigsmile*
This is a great list. Makes me want to play a new game with all of you.
Yay, I'm one of the 123 people who have that 15-year badge, as I've been here since 2002! *Bigsmile*
You made me want to visit my achievements page again. Thanks, Elle! *Smile*
Hello Elle, my name is Sheneil but you can call me Lyricite. I am sort of new to WDC so I am excited to get to know you *Smile*.
Welcome to Writing.com! I hope you love it here. *Delight*
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