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YOU are missed, Embe! *Cry*
Miss you, Embe! *Heart*
We sure do miss you around here, Embe. May you be resting peacefully, where ever you may be. *Heart*
Happy 12th WDC Anniversary!!!!
To be hugged is something new to me, my thanks to you, lovely.
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I've found this to be true in Russia. I think I've grown more emotional here. They don't mind tears here...they don't think you're weak for crying here...it's, as one girl stated, "just another emotion")
embe - where did you go? Come back..... *Frown*
Yes! Today I looked at Portfolio, remembered you, hovered, and saw you've been away since 2015. I worried that you had left us for good, but then read that you'd recovered from surgery, and now I just want to hear your voice, the ethereal voice you always use, that sometimes confuses me, making me think deeply...wishing to be as good, as rich, as original with words and thoughts as you are.

Hello Ann,
Herewith my poem for the suffering Red Indians of old.

"Graves Of Stone"

I dread the dead of night
where ancient spirits hide
frightened the fear within,
my weary wandering mind
a blinding sight before me.

The ghosts on wild ponies
hanging lonely from a tree
the ropes twisting in a noose,
now too tight to breathe the air
in that rain cloud, clouded dark.

"Will you find a way to help us
within a hole lying with a crow
stumbling scared, wrath in here,
where ghosts are free to roam,
moaning with the Indians of old.

Trying to find our way home
dragging their weary bones
through the burning stakes,
your father that Governor
sealing our fate years ago.

Fire away! The command
ordered by the Generals.”
Our wounded lying lame
pleading precious mercy
for pride that will heal us.

Wrapped around wounds
to ride home on the wind
praying for our families,
who will save us now
in a tomb with a view?

Reserved for whites only
bragging their mansions
built on graves of stone;
our ghosts will rise again
envy to die for our freedom.

By embe still in sadness.
Stopped by to check out your port. Very interesting and hope to see more.
*Partyhatp* Happy WDC birthday! *Partyhatp*
My name is Marci. I see that you like to write poetry, and so I would like to invite you to join "The Poet's Place . We are just starting out and we are having a "~ The Poet's Place Cafe~. Come check us out! *Smile*

Marci Missing Everyone
Twenty tickets for a worthy cause, newbies of your choice.
*Balloonv* Happy WDC birthday! *Balloonv*
Happy WDC Anniversary,embe!*BalloonR**BalloonY*
Write a new update...
If I never found you as a newbie

floundering in my mind,

to write a poem

two stars only,

lonely the thought to give it up

and then your review,

so kind in words

to improve.

embe, in appreciation your awardicons.
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