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Happy wdc anniversary
Hello everyone, I have been a little absent of late. I had Covid a few weeks ago and since I have been struggling to write. I am going to make a concerted effort to post more work on here, and read more of yours.
Happy you've made it back from Covid - take it easy *HeartV*. There are plenty of challenges and contests around to help if you need inspiration to write *Bigsmile* but I like your idea of reading others' writing. Reviewing other writers' work can be inspiring and rewarding (in more ways than one!) Welcome back!
I'm glad you have returned and are able to write.
I don't know who it was ... but thank you, whoever you are you know what I mean.

Here are some things to check out to help you get acclimated:

*Gemv* "Getting Started" Documentation *Gemv*

"Gaining Exposure Within Writing.Com
"Promoting Your Portfolio URL
"The Writing.Com BidClick System

*Gemv* Other Resources: *Gemv*

"The Shameless "Plug" Page
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"Content Rating System (CRS)
"Noticing Newbies Newsletter (November 4, 2020)
"Noticing Newbies Newsletter (May 18, 2022)

Everyone here is very helpful, so feel free to ask questions, anytime!
*Heartp* *Coffeev* Kindest Regards, Lilli *Coffeev* *Heartp*

I am very grateful for the reviews and responses I have already received.

I think I should just add a little context as I know my poetry can be a little confusing especially if we are from different countries.

I live in a rural part of the UK, a lot of my work describes the flora and fauna of the English countryside.

Also, my work is more often than not based on my own experiences and feelings, I am Autistic and I struggle to write from another's point of view.

If something isn't clear in any of my work please feel free to ask about it and I will be more than happy to try and explain it.

Thank you all 😊
Hello, I am new here, I have started uploading some of my work. Still finding my way around.
Hello and welcome!
Welcome to WdC! Feel free to click around and explore the site. You probably won't break anything. *Rolling* Good job already uploading some writing. *Delight* Some people are too shy to do that right off the bat. *Wink*

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WELCOME TO WdC!!! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
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