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Happy late birthday.
Copenator out!
a fellow B.C.O.Fer
Happy birthday! :)
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Thank you did you notice the link to the Limerick? Leprechaun Molly?
I did !!! you really pulled that together nicely. A great story for patties day!!
you must read my poem A Flight Of Fantasy... it has the same essence but not a st. patties thing
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What a perfect story for St. Patrick's Day!
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Thank You
Does anyone here use the Dragon software?
I haven't used it recently, but with any voice to text program, it takes a bit of learning on both sides...program and human.
I used it many years ago. It works, however, you have to train the program to your speaking rhythm and related things so the best way to do this is take your time and talk naturally the way you talk to people all the time. Also it takes some time to get used to using the software which is a matter of practice. I know there have been improvements since I last used this software. It is popular and many people have had success using the software.
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