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They're at it again!
And this time they're targeting Groups and Forums!!

A shared image for fun

Thanks Anon for your donation to the "30-Day Blogging Challenge. *Heart*

Oooo...Groups and forums? I never thought of that! Cool! Congrats and thank you to whoever did it for keeping the fun going!
I'm having an
"I miss The Soundtrackers"

*XMasTree* I miss Beth.

*XMasTree* It is well known and Soundtrackers canon that Jeff has a thing for Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You". Thanks to the magic of the internet, I have found the antidote...it's a Christmas miracle!! *Smirk*

Yep, it's Thom Yorke of Radiohead,
doing his best Mariah Carey impersonation.

*Phonograph* Speaking of Soundtrackers, the same creator of the Mariah Carey/Radiohead mashup also produced a Britney Spears/Deftones mashup...and it reminded me of the time we were writing Spam Poems to the tune of "Toxic". *Smirk*

I would've preferred Deftones lyrics over Britney's instrumental,
but here we are, and what's wrong with me??

*ExclaimG* FYI, Mariah Carey's video of AIWFCIY had over 116 million views back in 2014. I can't imagine what that number looks like now, five years later.

It's all the WDC Soundtrackers' fault.
Please end this scourge on humanity.
The children!! Think of the children!!

*CandyCaneG* I think that's all I've got for today. Hoping for a new Soundtrackers event coming soon. I miss my Soundtrackers Family. Hope all y'all are having a great weekend! *Heart*

Love you guys!!
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A friend recently introduced me to an extremely odd mashup   of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" and My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade."

I'm a bit baffled by how well they were blended. *Rolling*
I miss Beth, too. I need the Swearing Symposium.
Oh man, I'd forgotten about the Swearing Symposium.
What's up y'all??

*Pumpkin2* Hey! So, I guess I've been a bit quiet lately...just a lot of random business going on here and there, and by the end of the day I barely have enough energy to catch up and lurk stalk see what y'all have been up to. Made it to my mom's the other day though, in time for the best meal of the year (and I'll not be interested in anyone trying to convince me there's a better dinner than Thanksgiving, so respect my wishes or I'll disembowel you like the turkey you're actin' like *Smirk*).

*Drbag* I guess another reason for my little absence lately is I'm most likely having shoulder surgery at the end of the year or early in 2020...somehow I've managed a partial tear in my rotator cuff, along with impingement. You don't need me to tell you a near-constant pain in your dominant arm is no fun.

*Hand2* But...it's not like I haven't been busy. Yesterday and this afternoon I was showing a friend of mine some WDC basics, and today she set up her account...so please give a warm welcome to debduke1 and help her out if she needs it. She's written a bunch of creative children's stories and since that's not really my area of expertise I told her about WDC and she's excited to connect with fellow writers and share her awesomeness with you. She's got a bunch of sweet ideas, is crazy talented, and just needed an outlet for it. We all know what it's like to not know who to talk to about writing and not knowing where a decent place to share it might be, and I'm sure she'll fit in well.

*Sick* And finally...don't let anyone tell you green bean casserole belongs at any Thanksgiving meal. There is one acceptable time/place for such a concoction, and that is in the trash.

Love you guys!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Sorry, you lost me at cream of mushroom soup. I ain't going near that.

I like fresh green beans that are just lightly cooked so they still have a snap. Yummmmm....
Point of interest, the lady who invented green bean casserole, which I happen to enjoy, though not as much as other parts of Thanksgiving, anyway she died this year. I find it interesting that you can trace back the invention of that famous Thanksgiving food.
How sad. Sad that her life consisted in part of ruining green beans for everyone. But also that she passed. Passed on the opportunity to not wreck green beans for everyone. *Smirk*

(I know, I'm going to Thanksgiving Hell, and all there'll be is Green Bean Casseroles [plural]; no turkey, no other sides, just a gross buffet.)
It's finally here!!

*Monster5* The long-awaited paperback release of Mutants is here! You can get it from Amazon   for $11.99!

Coming Sept. 2019.

*Monster4* And for those who like personalized stuff, I'm taking orders on my website for Limited Edition annotated copies  , and they're only $15!! I know a couple of you had expressed interest in it, so hurry up and get your order in!

The Amazon description for Mutants.

*Monster8* And yes, it's still available for those of you who refuse to use actual books...the Kindle version   is on sale for $6.99.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!
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I can never remember (need to put it in my notepad), who was your original publisher?
Eliezer Tristan Publishing, Jody.
Okay, it is now in my notepad so I shouldn't have to ask you again. *Bigsmile*

Want a chance to win an exclusive group merit badge while raising mental health awareness? *Envy* *Delight*

"Mental Health Writers Alliance is celebrating World Mental Health Day with a writing contest that is open to the entire site!

Date: October 5, 2019 - 11:59pm October 12, 2019
Prompt: Write a short story featuring a character who is dealing with mental illness and/or mental illness stigma.

Check out "World Mental Health Day Contest!"   for more information! *Heartg* *Awarenessg*

Love you guys!!
Enjoy your weekend!!

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Hey friends!

*PenBl* Are you curious to see who you write like? Like, what famous author is coppin' your style? Check this out: This website   will compare a few of your paragraphs or whatever to a huge database of I guess famous people? So I submitted my most recent poem, which was a Leonard Cohen-inspired piece, and I got Margaret Atwood. No complaints from me.

*Tophat* Speaking of Mr. Cohen, I'm proud to announce that said piece (which is also a new entry to my book, "World By Design), "To The Love(s) I Lost, has also been accepted for submission into the next Fevers of the Mind   compilation. If I was thrilled when they accepted two of my poems earlier this summer, I guess internal me is ecstatic now!

*Brain* And that also reminds me...I've hardly written anything else this summer. Too busy thinking about Mutants   and its upcoming paperback release. But I did write one poem earlier last month which was basically just me trying to get back into the groove of writing again, and it ended up being a thing about not writing: "Doggone Days.

*Target2* Finally, it's come to my attention that Leonard Cohen has a posthumous album coming out, and the first single dropped today. It's spare and beautiful and sad and lovely. I'm not gonna say anything more about it cuz I'll run out of room here and might get stupid-silly sad real quick.

Have a stellar weekend y'all!
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Tried with some of my stories and got first King, then Stephanie Meyer and Dan Brown.

I've got a schizophrenic pen...
We're all SUCKAS!
Speaking of"The Handmaid's Tale", in the movie, the part at the beginning in the snowstorm was filmed at Sugar Mountain Ski Resort in North Carolina. They used the snow making equipment. I was working there as a lift operator at the time, but didn't see any of the filming.
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

*Hearto* I've been good the last couple years about not ramming it down your throats, but suicide is one of the biggest killers of men aged 45 and under. Guys, it's ok to talk about your feelings. Ladies, please let the men in your lives feel free to express theirs too when they're comfortable with opening up. It's a two-way street, and if a man is willing to give you everything, the least you can do is listen. I know it's a fine line to cross with all the other hashtags for concern, but FFS let's take care of each other!

*Awarenesso* And what I really hardly ever talk about are my own struggles and periods of suicidal ideation, let alone what would be considered attempts. I can barely bring myself to speak publicly (though I have, and it helps) of what I went through as a sibling of someone who suffered; talking about me is another story that I still don't feel 100% on top of being able to share. Maybe someday; it's not the point. I know I'll have to in order to move on, but it's hard when there are days that you can't help yourself from intrusive thoughts while still being a functional person.

*Hearto* A friend of mine posted something on her Facebook author page about WSPD today and I told her it reminded me of something I'd written a few years earlier, when I was still processing the loss of my brother on top of my own thoughts and feelings. I don't care if you read it or not; I don't even know at the time if I had meant it specifically about him but that's how I relate to it now.

Lower  (E)
When you're trying to help someone but you need help too.
#2124386 by Fivesixer

*Awarenesso* What I really want you to know, and I don't care who you are, is that someone's listening and someone can use an ear. It doesn't matter what country you're in; there are suicide helplines in practically every nation and I'll fucking look one up for you if I can't help you myself. My WDC inbox is always open, my DM thing on Twitter is @fivesixer, and if you've got my cell number then use it if life stops feeling like an option. I mean it.

I can't afford to lose any more of you.
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Dude. *Heart*

I was just reading about the enormous increase is suicides in America... I imagine it isn't just us, for sure. Life around us is becoming more depressing I think. More foreclosed homes, businesses boarded up, more blight in the neighborhood, a helluva lot more crime and certainly tragedy.

Just sayin', I think it makes those that deal with depression in today's world that much more courageous, 'cause for them and ah you—it's a choice to keep on. And you're right, none of us can afford to go through more loss.

Just say—NO. *No*

PS: Told ya anything can be hyphenated *Wink*

But again, *Heart*
It's hard in a country where we are expected to be constantly fake for probably 95% of the time. We go all day long asking everybody we meet how they are without ever knowing how anybody actually is. Sad, and not healthy. NO wonder so many people end up trying to kill themselves.

That is a lovely message though Norb *Smile* *Hearty*
I'm glad that someone posted something about suicide. The rates keep growing and it's plain sad. I know it's hard to not be distressed about things that happen in our everyday lives. I know what it feels like to want to end your life. Suicide is huge with me and both of my girls know that if one of their friends is contemplating, they are to let me know immediately. I'll go and talk to them and their parents. The problem is, some of their parents are in their own awful state that they can't help their children.

I did not know the rate of suicide for men aged 45 or younger was so great. I think it's such an awful thing to raise boys to be "tough" and "strong" and "unemotional." I work at a children's hospital and see the number of kids that come in with suicidal ideations as well as attempts. It makes my heart ache when those kids are as young as nine years old.

Thank you for sharing this information and being there for anyone who needs you. You're an awesome person and I'm glad to know you.
RIP Ric Ocasek

My ultimate favorite spring-leading-into-summer song.

*Mic* The singer was 75   and in addition to his time with The Cars and his solo career he also was a producer, notably on Weezer's "Blue" and "Green" albums.

I guess you're just what I needed.
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I still listen to the Cars! Man, RIP he was more talented than youkd think, humble...