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Thanks, all y'all!!
The Tragically Hip

*PartyHatB* For my WDC Anniversary, {(re:"Note: Hey!! I don't come aroun..."), y'all helped me raise (unofficially) over 200k GPs for "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group. I'm more proud of this than being part of this stellar community for 19 years. Summa you have kids younger than that! *Laugh*

*Laptop* Hopefully, that'll help a couple people stay connected to WDC and create amazing things. RAOK is a tremendous resource I'll always be indebted to.

*Binoculars* Hey, let's continue to look out for each other, ok?

Love you guys!!
Dave Chappelle.
Enjoy your weekend!

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Happy belated anniversary Fivesixer! I'm making a donation to RAOK in your name to celebrate your devotion to your writing and the writing of other members.
Thank you thank you thank you, Diane !! *Heart*
Happy Anniversary Norb. *Heart*
Thanks Lyn!! *Heart*
Hey!! I don't come around the newsfeed much anymore, but...


*LeafR* My account will be old enough to drink legally in Canada!! 19! Wooooo!!! *CountryCA*

The Tragically Hip at Woodstock '99.

*GiftB* Here's what I'm asking from you, because I don't often ask for much: In lieu of reviews, MBs, or Awardicons, I simply ask you consider donating to "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group instead. CR doesn't matter much to me, but RAOK has bailed me out a couple times when I needed it most over the years and I can't think of a better time to give back than now. Even if it's 100GPs or 5kGPs or a 10k MB's worth, no gift is too small! I'll be forever grateful for RAOK's impact on my time here at WDC.

*MailB* If you wanna say hey anyway, don't forget your friends who have C-Note shops. Just a small price to pay to your homies for a nice greeting to some guy maybe summa you don't even know. It's cool, trust me. I said "trust me", so it's cool. *Wink* That's how it works around here. *Smirk*

Thanks in advance!!
Love all y'all!!

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I'm with Lilli ☕ .

Me, reading your "do this, not that" post:


Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, old enough to drink and write in the virtual world.
Donation complete. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've not been on the newsfeed for a while due to so much else going on in my real life. lol
Happy Anniversary! Miss talking to you. Always:Megan Your Friend
Awww! Miss you too Megan! I hope all is well! *Heart*
Happy 19th Anniversary! Have a lovely day. *Heart*
Thank you Petra!! I really appreciate it! *Heart*
Happy 19th Writing.com Anniversary!

May you have at least nineteen more!!

I hope you have a fantastic day!

*Laugh* Thank you sooooo much!! I really appreciate it! *Bigsmile*
Happy 19th WDC Anniversary!!

Thank you so much Miranda!! *Delight*
see above.
Wow!!! 19 years! That's awesome, Norb!
I hope you'll take this time to reflect on
your many accomplishments!
Hugs-n-Stuff, Lilli
*Cake2* *Glass2* *Heartp* *Glass2* *Cake2*
Thanks so much Lilli!! I wouldn't be here for this long without awesome people like you!! *Heart*
*Burstv* Happy Anniversary *Burstv*
Thank you Neva! *Heart*
Pre-orders are now LIVE!!
(again *Rolleyes*)

*BookStack3* You know what's up...Mutants   has taken off. So now seems like the right time to offer pre-orders for signed and annotated copies.

*Pencil* Basically, I annotate poems in my author copies, and I ship them back out to you. I'm only doing this for a limited time. Once they're gone, they're kinda pretty much gone. Like, gone gone.

*TrophyG* Many of these poems were among collections that won "Best Poetry Collection" in "The Quill Awards. Others have won different awards around the site. *uses Infomercial voice* Why not own a piece of WDC history then? Even Elle has endorsed it by writing the foreward! That counts for something too, no?

*Globe* Of course it'll still be available on Amazon, until I figure out for myself how to get it in your neighborhood bookstores. But this is the best I can do for now. I appreciate your support, and I hope you appreciate me doing what I can when I can.

*Twitter* One last thing...if you're on Twitter, please share this tweet about it  . I never ask much of all y'all, so I appreciate it if you can.

Love y'all!!
Stay safe!!

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