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Hello to the masses. I went off in to my own little realm again and I came back with another piece.

 Prolific Censorship  (13+)
Uncanny look at Censorship
#2252734 by Forevermore

Drop a commit, throw an email at me, or give it a review. Once again I humbly leave which up to you.
Yeah, it's me again and it's another piece. Read it if you want but it's meant for a single person but that person needs to be recognized in the public domain.

"Sayth what you will; sayth not against thy brother." Tranquility: seeker of Taoist balance

 The roiling and massive downpour of rain  (18+)
The feeling of expressing ones self
#2252226 by Forevermore

forevermore: Go to Lurie Park 's portfolio, and select the 'Comm' tab so that you can see their merit badges. There's one from you there.
(click on it to see what it says)
Thank you so much *Hug1**hug**Hug2* Forevermore I can't express how happy I am feeling right now. *Cry*
Once again throwing a piece out here.
 Being Daring.  (E)
Lack of risk taking in writing.
#2252205 by Forevermore

Thoughts on the piece hit me up in an email or drop a commit. Thanks
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Hi there! How are you doing? *Smile*

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Regards, ~ Sisco ~

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I've gotten some interesting opinions on this piece I wrote
 Toxic Happiness  (E)
That which lyes under our own happiness.
#2251959 by Forevermore
. note So, i thought I throw it out here. To see what the broader community opinions were. Give it a read if you wish hit me up in an WDC email or drop a commit as you wish.
Is there complete magical list of commands like adding a drop note or b item? If so where can I get my hands on it?

I was also interested in suggesting adding
introverted look and extroverted look in the genre categories for a piece of work.
Ok,I wasn't clear enough in my request.
Sorry thats my bad. Is there a complete compiled list of all commands? in example like drop list and b item. Are those the only commands? Also thank for those commands Lurie and Richard
Kudos to y'all
In the left hand menu, click on Writing.Com Tools. Then click on WritingML Docs and Help.
Lol, I use a mobile device. I didn't know that that menu could scroll do....wn.... Anyways again TyTyTyTyTy...
Deleted my old account. Started this account. Ty Ty good to be back.

Took the time off to write an little non-traditional word salad poem. It's sort of got hidden wit behide it. It's eleven lines long very short read. Give it a read if you like. Leaving your opinion of it would be nice.
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