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Happy 14th WDC Anniversary Frank with a lotta *BalloonG* s ,*ConfettiB* and all that sorta thing.
Sorry this is late;
For all who served, and are in service.
We remember you, and all who gave the ultimate sacrifice. For our freedoms, and our future.

Thanks to all of you,
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Snowflake Angels  (18+)
I had this dream of why he took his life. We'll never truly know.

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Hi Frank... popping in to say hello and see how you are doing.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Farewell, for Now- Nom. 2020 Quill Award  (18+)
This is an elegy I wrote for our son who suffered from PTSD. He shot himself 01-29-2020
I just want to say, I'm so sorry for your loss and it will take time to heal but keep all the memories alive in your hearts. May god be with you and your family at this time. I would like to know more so I can pray for your family. I'm over 18 years of age.
My uncle killed himself he had a debilitating back injury he was always in pain. I am sorry for your loss
I'm so sorry for your loss, Frank. I can't even begin to imagine how you are feeling right now. It sounds like your son went through an awful lot in his short life. My thoughts are with you *Heart*
My dear friends, it is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to tell you our 25 year old son Quentin took his life Wednesday morning.
He had seen 3 suicides in 1 year while in the Air Force. He was going to college, had a new job starting Monday, and a wonderful girlfriend. But he couldn't take the images haunting him every day, so he shot himself. He will will be buried on Monday.

Please pray for our sad hearts, and lift our spirits. He will be extremely missed, but never forgotten, and we shall see him again someday. Thank you
Oh, Frank. I'm so, so sorry. Please know you are in my thoughts. *Heart*

Please accept my condolences. At times like this, I am ashamed to admit that I am at a loss for words. The only thought I am capable of adequately expressing is that I grieve with you even though I did not know your son. I have children. My children have problems. I can only imagine, but at this moment, I do.

Hello fellow writers, I was told to give an update on my health. Yesterday I was supposed to find out if I was harboring a cancer. Then 5 minutes before leaving for a Wichita cancer hospital they called. "Don't come in today for your lab or appointment, we don't have the results back from your bone biopsy yet. Come back the 15th and we will let you know and you also have 3 more ct scans of head, abdomen, and pelvis." Upset at first, but then quickly realized that now I can have water, a banana, and most importantly, Coffee! (go Lilly)

I wasn't too worried since my diet is good yet, don't feel any worse than before. Just a lump on the back of my ileum, or hip. I can stand for 1 to 3 minutes then need to lean on, sit, or lie down if my back goes into spasms. So sorry to ramble on, but the only thing I have to report, is there's nothing to report.

Thank you for all your continued support, prayers, and get well wishes.

Trying to stay upbeat, praying, and as Pearl Jam would say, I'm still alive!! Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Hopes and prayers, Frank, hopes and prayers. Eat plenty of chocolate, I heard it cures everything. Especially those unhealthy slim waistlines.

I can't imagine how stressful it must be for you to be waiting for all these tests and such! God bless you! Be well and take care of yourself!

And, yeah, eat chocolate, as jdennis advises. *Rolling*
what is a stratocaster?
Hi LinnAnn, it is a solid body electric guitar. I'm sorry it's taken so long.
We are in the midst of packing to move. You've probably seen them before.

Happy Birthday Frank. *CakeB*
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