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what is a stratocaster?
Hi LinnAnn, it is a solid body electric guitar. I'm sorry it's taken so long.
We are in the midst of packing to move. You've probably seen them before.

Happy Birthday Frank. *CakeB*
HBD Cupcakes
Sorry to be a party pooper for this year. Dec. 19th of 2017 we lost our older sister Linda, who was 58. December 31st of 2018 at 7:15 am we were all called in to a hospital to see our father, age 84 slowly slip as well. On New Year's Day at 5:03 am he passed away. He had congestive heart failure and double pneumonia. His rosary will be Friday night and buried this Saturday.

I'm glad he's not suffering anymore, that he's in a better place, and we all got to say goodbye.
I'm also glad I got forgiveness for being so ornery and wild when I was younger.

Please give your family an extra hug for me. (he always told his grandkids to "squeeze me till my ears grow")

I hope you all have a good year, many accomplishments, and a happier new year than I did.
Hangin' in there, we have a lot of support from our community as well as family.

Peace and hugs people,

I'm sorry to hear that, hang in there. Grief is a difficult thing to deal with but one day it'll begin to get better. My mom passed away 11 almost 12 years ago and I can tell you, it doesn't get better quickly but it does eventually become easier if you allow yourself the chance to grieve properly and heal.
I’m so sorry. Grief is a horrible thing to go through. But, try to remember, that it is an extension of love. I found that a comfort. It will get easier, even if it sometimes feels like it won’t. Take care *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Happy 12th WDC Anniversary Frank.
As always Monty
Happy Birthday, Thaddeus

It's been a rough 3 months, and mostly the last 2 days. Well, my big sister passed away today at 2:45 pm. Her 5 brothers and little sister, along with her husband, and four kids all were with her. I'm thankful I got to say goodbye before she went. Our parents had an appt. with Dad's dr for Parkinsons at the same time she went. Faith, family, and friends...give them an extra hug for me this Holiday season please.

Love you all,
Surrounding you and yours with love and prayers.
Alexi *Heart*
I'm so sorry, Frank. My thoughts are with you all *Heart*
I'm so sorry, Frank. *Heart*
Greetings all! I finally have dependable Wi-Fi so youll see more of me now. I have missed this site so much.

To recap quickly, My father had a heart attack Jan. 3rd. My father-in-law passed away on Jan. 14th. So my wife and I moved in with my mother-in-law since she has Alzheimer's. She is at stage 4 of the 7 stages. I've learned a lot about this terrible brain disease. To make things worse, she was my 3rd grade teacher. It's hard to watch her deteriorate, but we are enjoying the time we have together and making the best of it.

Now to get to the 450 emails and 70 newsfeeds to catch up on this site again.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Keep pushing the pen from what comes within.

Hello All!
Just wanted to let you know what is going on in our lives lately. Our wi-fi is terrrible so I can't connect to WDC. But the house is finally finished as of Saturday. Our youngest has her last day of high school today, and is graduating Sunday.
Last Saturday we got some info on ordering a headstone for my father-in-law. Grandma is doing ok i guess. (Alzheimer's is a terrible disease) Moved in last month but still have plenty of boxes to go through. All in due time.

I miss checking out what's going on here so much, but have new wi-fi coming later this year. We are currently trying to get something better to work. Meanwhile, staying plenty busy. Miss you all a great deal, and hope to get back on here regularly soon. I may just have to sneek into work to use that computer. (How I'm communicating this now.)

Take care, Love you all.
aka TBW
Sorry folks, but I have some sad news to share. My father-in-law passed away Thursday morning very unexpectedly. He was 78 and had a massive heart attack. Married for 46 years and was the primary caregiver for his wife who has Alzheimer's. My wife's brother is 45 minutes away and her two sisters are in Colorado 9 hours away from us in Kansas. So I may be moving temporarily which they have no internet or wi-fi. May be living in two houses for a while, but they, she is only 6 miles one way for us. So my life has changed very quickly, but now the days are dragging and I keep getting very emotional in mini bursts of tears-then I'm fine. Slept 5 hours since this all started and heard my muse say f this I'm outta here. So can't even come up with an elegy for Jim.

One thing that keeps me going- had a good friend (Mark) die from a diabetic seizure several years ago. The crazy guy and good friend (Luke) that gave a little talk at the rosary the night before we buried Mark said, "Tonight we just pray for him, tomorrow we get to plant him and he grows again forever." So with that, rosary for Jim is Sunday night at 7 and funeral Monday at 10:30 am. Trying to let go of him, he was a very good man, and will be sorely missed by all.

Sincerely, and may peace be with all of you,


And prayers for all of you...
Blessings of Light. *Heart*
My eldest daughter, all of 24. Delivered our first grandson Wednesday morning! Garrett Lee S. was born at 9:24 am coming in at 8 lb. and 8 oz. measured 21.5 inches. All are doing well, and we are finally going to catch up on sleep tonight. The cord was around his neck, shoulder, and right leg! We have truly been blessed, in more ways than one.

Peace to you all,
Congratulations Grand-daddy!