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Happy Halloween, peeps! I wish you a day of spooky fun and creativity.
To the anonymous individual who gifted me with a Costumicon today, thank you. It helped me get through a long, annoying day at work.
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There have been a lot of those given out lately. Awesome! Enjoy!

I need to figure out how to gift costumicons. I tried to a couple of months ago, but couldn't figure it out. Maybe it was just one of those days where my brain injury made a simple task overwhelmingly complicated. Maybe I could do it today. *Think* Anyway, congratulations!
So, I issued myself a challenge a while ago. The challenge is to write a murder mystery in the form of a poem. Though I've settled on a rhyme scheme, I still have a lot of plotting and planning to do. Trying to write something in a form it's not typically written in , while having the rhyme remain consistent is proving difficult. Than again, I don't suppose it would be much of a challenge if it were easy.
What an awesome idea! Good luck in your journey!
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