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Hello, All!

         I just published my most recent book, "The Pendulum of Love", Vol. One: "No Matter What!" on KDP! It's an eBook right now, it'll be available in paperback next month...and hopefully as an audio-book asap! Feel free to check out this exciting new contemporary psychological romance novel at:

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C4GL5BLG . . .You'll be glad you did!

~ Giovannius
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Wow! That's fantastic! Congratulations!!!

Pleased to meet you!

~Nixie *Bigsmile*

I've been offered the opportunity to publish my book with a self-publisher called "AuthorsBreeze" for a total payment of only $1,850 for a "Premier Package" that normally sells for $4,999 and pretty much includes everything that a new author could possibly want...but the salesman was absolutely terrible. He also called me several times a day. I was told by a couple of members here that it was a reputable publisher, but I still have some serious concerns. Does anybody out there know anything about this company?
I'd say listen to your gut on this one.

I'm going the traditional publishing route, where money always flows toward the author (literary agents do not get paid until their authors get paid, and book advances and/or royalties [in the event that a book earns out its advance] likewise flow to the author—and marketing, publicity, cover design, formatting, and developmental work on the manuscript itself don't cost the author a cent), so I'm perhaps excessively critical of vanity publishers like this one that demand authors put cash toward publishing their work. If you're not eager to go the traditional publishing route (it can be brutal, and it's absolutely not the right path for everyone), you can manage it much less expensively than that self-publisher is demanding.

It's also worth looking into whether they can actually make good on their offerings. For that much money, I'd hope they'd have great cover designers, competent editors, and marketing and publicity professionals who can get your work into the hands of readers and make you a handy profit. If they can't, your money—should you choose to spend it at all—may be better spent elsewhere.

An important note: I checked out their website and I am deeply concerned about them. Notice when you visit their website that it's an author-facing site. In other words, it's trying to sell itself to authors. What it's not doing (and what is a huge red flag) is advertising its authors' work to readers, which says everything about what its priorities are: making money off authors who want to see their work in print. (Even its book cover thumbnails [which are not worth the cash price they're putting on their services] only lead to testimonials from a few select authors.) That... makes me cautious.
When people try too hard to sell something, that's a huge red flag to me.
That's not self-publishing.

That's what's called vanity publishing and I would give it a hard pass.
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I've heard good things about a company called "Authors Breeze" Publishing...but I've been told that they're considered expensive...and I've never self-published before. Does the following seem like a reasonably priced self-publishing opportunity?

Premium Package:

Dedication Page
Author’s Bio
Line Editing
Layout Adjustment
Top Rated Editorial Reviews – 3x
Formatting (eBook, Paperback and Hardcover)
3D Cover Design (Front/ Back)
Global Publication on thousands of platforms worldwide
ISBN – 02
Author’s Spotlight Video – 45 sec
Persuasive book description
Bestselling categories
Keyword and SEO optimization
Pricing Advice
KDP assistance
Payment Gateway Setup
Press Releases – 4x (300+ Media outlets)
Blogs and Articles – 5x (Posted on DA 10+ Websites)
Detailed Targeting
Geo Specific Targeting
Unlimited Revisions
100% Ownership Rights
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% Money-back Guaranteed

Gross Cost: $4,999
Discounted Cost: $2,499
As far as self-publishing goes, it seems to be a litte expensive, but there are not many complaints about their services. Their ghost-writing service, though, does apparently leave a little to be desired.

Also, if you do not live in the USA, they can be difficut to deal with.

While I do not do self-publishing, I have friends who do, and one (who lives in Florida) used AB for a couple of her books. The expense was why she switched to a different self-publishing firm last year.
Careful with the isbn from them. It's a loophole that can end up giving them the ownership through a back door.
Here is a newsletter I wrote on the subject. "International Standard Book Number
As an author who's about 3/4's done with my latest "Romance Novel", I've submitted my first chapter here to get what I'm sure will be some critical feedback, one way or the other! The Novel is called "Words of Love", and the piece is called "Memories Light the Corners of My Mind". I look forward to reading your opinions!

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