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I'm not as good as I once was
But I am as good once as i ever was
I'm playing civilization 5 as Alexander at http://www.twitch.tv/mulletproofbonk
the following interactives could use some love:
 Vacant Winter  (GC)
Winter Wallace is a woman who always gets she want.
#2172869 by Happy bday Hallie Sellasie

 Sucking Mists  (18+)
The Sucking Mists
#2209504 by Happy bday Hallie Sellasie

 Shadowy night  (18+)
The shadowy Knight
#2209501 by Happy bday Hallie Sellasie

The Nirvana song Heart Shaped Box was about Courtney Love
Manny burns
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Street Skirmish   (E)
I use the characters actions to highlight their traits
Happy FatHers day everyone
I'm reading Kharkanus trilogy book one
If it's called common sense why is it so rare
It is a misnamed superpower.

Heinlein once observed that common sense is never common and that "horse sense" is an oxymoron.
         "A horse will run back into a burning barn."
Kids in the back seat can cause accidents
Accidents in the back seat can cause kids

My grandfather, long deceased, was well-known for driving "fast and furious". He was also known for physically disciplining his children who were in the back seat while he was driving. It was a miracle they weren't all in an accident.

I have no comment about any accidents in the back seat. *Laugh*
I'm reading kharkanus trilogy book one