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It is halloween time again this year
One of my favorite lines from the song 1933 is "... don't go mistaking your house burning down for the dawn"
Dang, that is a good line.
You should read Gothos Folly a 12 volume suicide note.
I added a new entry to my "The Servants Of The Fire
Two words to describe Chaos Theory...
God's plan
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Chaos Fact.. lol or as I call it Joe Biden
I use a random title generator to come up with titles for all my stories
i added a new entry to my book "The Servants Of The Fire "Dwindling Woman
two words to describe sheep...

no brains
two more words: Sweater Providers
Woolly jumpers
Really Badddd!
I'm reading House of Chains by Steven Erikson
My favorite word is flummoxed
Chuck Norris does not beat the clock, he round house kicks it into submission.
my favorite song is Linda by Tokischa
Thanks anonymous
I just edited an item in my port "Laughing Door
should i continue working on "Silvery Flowers or put it on hold and start working on "The Servants Of The Fire
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I don't have time to check them out, but the 2nd one sounds cooler to me. *Bigsmile*
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