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I'm listening to Midnight Tides by steven erikson
I'm happy with my new computer
rip Rush Limbaugh
Rest in hell...
The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach
The other way that's also quick is through his ribcage
Eddie Murphy wants to talk to you.
I'm listening to Midnight Tides by Steven Erikson
What is everyone listening to
My science teacher talk
I've been listening to Creature Feature to get those Tim Buton vibes going.
The Nirvana song Heart Shaped Box is about Courtney Love
I'm reading Memories Of Ice book 3 of Malazaan Book of The Fallen
How is everyone
My favorite word is predicated
Stated or estimated as likely to happen in the future... Mmm *Thinker*
How is everyone
Great! How about you? Um,.. we're in the middle of a battle between Unicorns and Mermaids...*Shock2* If you want to vote who won you can click [#2242472] "About Unicorns and Mermaids 😐
I'm listening to Deadhouse Gates book 2 of Malazaan Book of The Fallen.