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I lived in Switzerland for two years
Cashews come from a fruit
Some one gifted me a basic membership
I just edited an item in my port
 2938: Rigel  (18+)
Chapter one: Ragged Stars
#2195248 by Fischer KelTath
I'm working on a new book "2938: Rigel first chapter is titled The Ragged Stars
I added a new item to my port "2938: Rigel
A good horror character is someone who is doing the wrong thing for the right reason or the right thing for the wrong reason
Why not post your idea on the appropriate newsfeed item. Just click on comment and you can post there.
Quick question: has any one here read The Farm by Joanne Ramos let me know what you thought
My answer to pure evils question is baby oil is made from babies
I'm obsessed with 61 days in church by Erik Church
sounds disturbing

are you okay?
It is a 5 volume set of albums from a 61 city tour that Erik Church did in 2017
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How is everyone's day going
Not bad, thanks. Could always be more productive but as I'm not in the habit of carrying my PC around with me and my aged laptop doesn't work anymore, I don't think I should complain.
How about you?