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So, I've noticed a certain show/fandom hasn't been written about here on Writing.Com. I just recently finished watching and studying the information for this show.

Someone has to break new ground somewhere. I'm probably going to start crafting up everything soon and get that ball rolling. Let the madness begin...
Woo hoo!
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 The Voice of History   (13+)
My Thoughts During A Time of Pain and Suffering

Making some a few detail changes. I thought about making a forward to this but I'm gonna wait
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 The Voice of History   (13+)
My Thoughts During A Time of Pain and Suffering
Simple Question (and I apologize if it sounds ignorant towards any news/updates):

What's wrong with the Recycling Bin System? I have been trying to clear out some stuff for a while and they will not move the file to the bin even though it does say that item has been successfully moved there. This has happened for a while and I just tried to do it again after some amount of time. Does anyone have any insight into what is going on?

Thanks in advance,
This kind of question belongs in "Technical Support Forum.

When you post there, please include the item IDs or a link to the items that you are trying to delete, as well as the site time when you tried to delete them.
What exactly are you trying to move? Are you trying to delete an item, send it to the trash bin? Or sending emails to a particular folder?

There is a technical and nontechnical forum:

Technical Support Forum  (13+)
Members help other members with technical questions and problems using Writing.Com!
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Non-Technical Support Forum  (13+)
Members help other members with non-technical questions and problems using Writing.Com!
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Someone will always get back with you pretty quickly.
You can find these sites and much more helpful information by clicking the link to the left called "Writing Tools" scroll down toward the bottom of the list. *Smile*
To the Person who sent me a gift:

Thank you so much. I was not really expecting that when I got on here to check on my writings and email. I can hardly put into words as I was so stunned to see that they sent me something so big like that. Hopefully, I don't disappoint you during the next year of writing. That's how you shock someone on their seventh-year anniversary on this site and community. I currently laughing and tearing up at the surprise.

Current Mood: Bouncing off the Walls with Mixed Emotions.

Working on Two Projects for the week, sending some emails, and balancing school work...

That is my weekend...
20 Years...20 Long Years...If this is supposed to be my prime; I'm already scared to see how 30 looks like for me...
Good Morning, Writing Universe!

I have now released two poems. One of them is my very own based on a part from J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit (on to which I give all credit for it and for my inspiration) and the other poem is a short poem a close friend has given me to post which is titled: Perspective.

Please check them out and reviews are accepted...

Hi peeps of the known universe. I'm back. Sorry I didn't tell ya peeps, but I had to do a lot quickly in a week.
Ah. How've you been, by the way?
Guess who is back from Camp? That's right. The craziest Hedgewolf, The Dragon Duelist, and Alicorn Prince is back and crazier than ever. I missed everybody.
I got back from bogg yesterday
welcome back, Hypon
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
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Hey peeps, I barely got any sleep last night, and during the night hours before the sunrise I wrote this story of a fantastic song by Forest Rain. It is a great song and I this the story matchs the song perfectly, so check it out and I like to here you opinion on it
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