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Hi anonymous. (You know who you are.) *Wink* Thank you! *Smile*

- Raven *Bird*

P.S. Don't worry, I will enjoy it very much.
Happy April fool's day! I just literally got brown Es from my sister. (Brownies.) She cut out the capital letters in paper and colored them brown.
Somebody please bail me out of Airhead prison on Cloud 9 from

Cupid's Lucky Arrows  (13+)
Role Playing Raffle - Supports 2 Groups - 1 in 14 Wins 5K!
#1971188 by Hannah ♫♥♫

It usually costs 35k gps, but has decreased to 25k for today. (And you will receive a merit badge on the go.)
The downside I "forgot" to mention is that you will be placed in airhead prison yourself, so beware. *Wink*
An 8 year old's math

Journal: Write a subtraction story about 65 - 41. Solve the story. Check your answer by adding.

Story: 65 people are swimming. 41 get eaten by a great white shark. 25 people get out alive.

Teacher's comment: "Yikes!"

My sister's comment:
I like writing murder stories for math.

My comment: No, the 25 was not my typo, though math isn't my thing.
I just realized how lucky authors are. They get to live out their own story in an imaginary world. They don't just create a story, but live it out with their characters. To me, that concept is incredible, invaluable, because it's what I do, and why I do it.
Can you decipher this 8 yr old spelling:

11 al redy, on fer.


11 already, unfair.

(Written on a birthday card.)
This is a note to say, You're doing a great job with your nano project. May success find you in everything you are working on. *BurstY*
My eight-year-old sister had to name a vegetable/fruit beginning with the letter Q. Of course, q-cumber is the obvious choice.
*Rolling* Cute.
Go out and look at the moon!!!
Sun's still shining where I live! *Sun*

Definitely will later tonight!
Definitely do. It's a supermoon tonight, and the largest one in a long while. (Since 1948.)
I'm kinda of afraid. I was born in 1948. Wonder what will happen tonight!! *Shock2*
My two youngest sisters, aged 8 and 10, tried raw pumpkin guts tonight. The 8 yr old didn't like it and spat them out. The 10 yr old liked it. She didn't have more than a taste though, from what I understand. (Hopefully, she doesn't get sick.)
just a friendly reminder that you are a ray of sunshine, hope you have a lovely day💞
Thank you. You too.
Just ran the mile. Felt like I had an ice cube in my throat halfway through and since.