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I've just edited an item in my portfolio: "ONE OF A MILLION TALES

Must a girl act male to be interesting? 🤔
Do female traits lack glory?
Must she go shouting and punching?
Must she use the armoury?

The world once wasn't united in how things should be measured.

The Northern Star, on the contrary, was one for all.

There may be no way to judge the way to do things here, since no science can show us the way.

There is a way, the way, and it's up there above all of us and our schools...above the sun and the galaxy.
Developed countries don't only think they're better in science and technology, they also think they're morally better.
As what all call moral differs and each is loyal to his, the world is divided.
But developed countries try to force what they accept down the throats of weaker countries, using denial, etc. A shameful thing for bigger children to do to other children. Can't one practice his culture in peace again? Is economic dwarfism also moral dwarfism? You judge 🤷

Russia and China won't tilt, because they're independent.
Travel really helps to see the world from a different point-of-view. The USA is a microcosm of the world but doesn't realize that that's their strength. China is a very old culture but definitely imposes Han moralities on all the ethnic minorities. Russia is quite diverse and Russification hasn't totally wiped out local culture. Neither has been as efficient as the genocide of Native Americans.

Yes, powerful people tend to think they are better than others.
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I don't think I know.
Thanks Miss.
An old saying says, ' A child without a father learns where a child that has father is being adviced by the father.' All should learn from the marks on the muddy path of life. But why do some still fall where they say that others fell, which could be avoided?
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