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The chore of moving.
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I got a tablet for Christmas! It will get connected to the net on Monday. I just love it! Editing. Writing, Pictures!
"Happyness is not something ready -made. It comes from your own actions."

The Sakai
A member of our household pass away! Very sad! It happened on Sunday. I will miss Mr. John forever!

*Heart*I'm so sorry.
Happy Holidays Everyone!

The internet has changed the way news is presented to the public. Do you think history is more accurately reported?


Well I did a review of a poem. I submitted it wrong. Now I am trying to resubmit it

I am still addicted to WDC!


I am learning my cell phone. I am also learning to navigate WDC. I find this confusing at times. WDC your site is fun and adictive!
Weekly Goals October 14 - 18 2013

1. Read and study information on writing.
2. Submit a review

3. Submit a product review
4. Edit a short story
5. Work on contest entry.
6. Have fun and be creative.
Moved on Friday! Getting organized! Hope to finish a poem by Monday.


Sunday is a good day to watch football! Have a creative week everyone!


Do stress exercises twice a day.

Make a mental list of five writing ideas.
Ask myself as mnany questions about each idea as possible.

Example : Can this idea be developed witout research?

Describe each character to myself. Get to know my chacters. What they are reality like.
When I am free to leave; A novel!


To learn how to write!