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How do I get others to review my writing? I am having difficulty figuring this all out HELP!
By the way: have you introduced yourself already in the page for newbies? Check "Noticing Newbies [ASR]
I have put your item on the "The Shameless "Plug" Page [E]. That will help getting your story reviewed I hope.
How do I get others to review my work? I am not sure how this all works it seems a bit complicated! HELP!
First of all, make yourself visible by writing something in your portfolio block and fill out your bioblock. You can do that by clicking the little gear thingy at the top. *Gear* Add some photo's!

If you want to get reviews from other writers go to the "Please Review [E] and fill in the number of your story or poetry (number is always at the top of your write). Good luck.

I have posted a short flash fiction story and would appreciate some critique as to how to make it better. It is the first story I have written that is over 150 words. I usually write poetry but have been trying to expand my writing to micro and flash fiction. ANy feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I am new to the site and have yet to learn how to navigate my way around.
Thank you and have a great day!
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