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I love to drink beer,
I love to eat pineapple pizza
my favorite color is green

Which is truth and which is not!
Pinapple Pizza honey. *Smirk2*
Did you get it added to: "Note: *Shock* Two Lies and a Truth *Angelic* ..." ?
Could I put an already published short story int the' Short Shots'' Is it alright if the story is in prose form?'

Why don't you email Jeff and see what he says? (Click on the envelope icon next to his portfolio case.)


Hi JennyHeart ,

Per the "Short Shots: Official WDC Contest contest rules, entries must be short stories newly written for the contest (i.e., the item creation date has to be after the start of the contest). Hope this clarifies!

And thanks for the bat-signal/tag, the Wordy Jay ! *Bigsmile*
If I decide to post a poem for 'All Poetry' can it be an already published poem from another site?
 Haiku Poem: Grateful Writer.Com Writer   (E)
Thanking a secret person for the membership gift.
#2049698 by JennyHeart
 Today's Haiku Lesson June 25th 2015  (E)
A Haiku poem about feelings that came to my mind on June 25th 2015.
#2046498 by JennyHeart
Feedback appreciated!
Is following the same as being a fan or do I find the option somewhere else?
 A Haiku Poem: Live in the Future  (E)
A poem about living in the here and now.
#2044479 by JennyHeart
I appreciate all readers that take the time to read and review this poem.
How do I post a recent poem here again. I posted one awhile back after some helpful advice but I forgot how it is to be done. Thank you great supporters. I love this site!