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I got my badge for 999 days without missing a day for Microsoft Rewards. Yay! Mission accomplished.
What do you get for rewards?
It takes a while to build up points, but they can be used for lots of things like donating to a charity they have picked, Walmart gift card, Amazon gift card, Burger king gift card, etc.

I actually have 60 dollars in points built up that I can redeem, but I have been doing it for a really long time.
Coffee. Want coffee. Need coffee.
Ask Lilli ☕️ 🧿 - she generally has some, somewhere around.
It is 11/22/2022 and it is 33 days until Christmas!
This may be the day we present ourselves unto some poor, uncivilized beings...stories will tell!
Pressing the Windows logo key + 'v' gets me to the clipboard history and ctrl + v will post the selection. It took me a long time to find this out! It could be a conspiracy!
Be safe and spread good thoughts to the winds.
Took the boy out for Trunk or Treating tonight. He was dressed up as a burrito (with a dollop of sour cream for a hat!) which was a homemade costume his mother paid 80 dollars for the fabric to make. Not complaining; she did a great job. My wife is a crafter so this isn't unusual.
It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the Name of Annabel Lee:
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me.

(Page 14 in 101 Great American Poems. You can guess the author)
There is wisdom to be had after a marriage of several years, but one needs to look carefully. My wife showed me a pile of several different fabrics laid out on the floor which amounted to a costume in the likeness of a burrito. It looked really cool! But then, she informed me she bought the fabric at a deal though they added up to about $80 and it wasn't even made. That was just the fabric. I, being just a bit wise, said how cool it looked and not a word about how much cheaper it would be to get one in the store.

We feed our spouse love so we don't have to understand them...
Just pointing out some bone-tossing activities:

LUCKY BONES GAME 2022  (13+)
Annual October Raffle - Buy a Bone - 1 in 13 Wins 5K!
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I got a new refrigerator and washer/dryer today. Now, I just put in a request for a heater installation. Man, I am spending money I don't yet have! I hope the wife won't notice...Maybe I just will keep my eyes lowered for a bit.
A new fridge and washer/dryer!? I think your wife will notice - I don't know your sitch, but I sure wouldn't be upset (especially with new heat just before winter!) Go you!
When the ghosts arrive, you might realize they never left!
Listening to an audio book this morning and I realized I was listening to the compleat death of my language I am using to write with. Yep. The words will change meaning and even be replaced or deleted all together. The further into the future, the less sense anyone will be able to make of my words. Pretty sick, right? (It seems the use of 'sick' is a surfer term...see what I mean?)
In California, we still use "sick" for effect.
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Thank you!
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Thank you!
Happy birthday
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Thank you!
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