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When you say something smart and no one is there to hear it, would it be believed?
It's beyond hypothetical...it can be proved.
I believe you, Brian Is A Poet !
Happy Birthday to my youngest! He turned 13 today on Thursday the 13th. Cool, huh?
The youngest of our local grandchildren turns 13 tomorrow. His party over here is in full swing; the other grandparents have him tomorrow.
Congrats to both of you
So, I see my wife this morning before church and I say, "I am really glad I don't have boobs."

She looked at me and said, "God knew you couldn't handle them."
Imagine that all books would have the same ending. Pretty boring, huh? Good thing books don't die!
Sometimes things can be seen through the bottom of the bottle, but no one ever made sense of it that I know of.
Sometimes there comes a time in your life when you will believe in Santa, but you can be sure it will never be safe to laugh at your wife. Just saying.

Merry Christmas!
I have been a near model prisoner and it is time for me to be free. I can't believe no one bailed me out! Bummer. I scratched my x's and o's on the wall in tic tac toe fashion using my finger as a pencil. I have no wall space left! Someone, get me out!

 The Rules-The Dungeon-The Prisoners!  (13+)
Dungeon, prisoners, bailouts, badges owed
#2203171 by Hannah ♫♥♫
I just checked on the 'What a character" contest involving an anti-hero. 6Days 6Hours 6Minutes. What timing! In October, no less.
Well, it seems I am locked up again in a place where the candy tastes like soap. Blah, blah, blah. I couldn't find myself on the roster so I just let myself in. See? The model prisoner! Wait, what? Would someone like to try and talk sense to Vampy and the Tramp? At least, throw me a bone so I can eventually buy my own way out? Please?

LUCKY BONES GAME 2019 - Now Closed  (13+)
6th Annual Role Playing Game/Raffle - Buy a Bone (Raffle Ticket) - 1 in 13 Wins 5K!
#2055887 by Hannah ♫♥♫
*bone**bone* I will toss you two Bones, Sir Jimminy. It's the least I can do for the outrage you have suffered at the hands of those two ill-mannered hosts. ~Hannah ♥
Thank you so much! It is great knowing you have such great understanding of our need for...never mind, I lost what I was talking about.
Asked Alexa for a pun:

"Why didn’t the zombie eat the mannequin? It was a no brainer."
It seems someone left my cell open. I did not know I was free because someone screwed up their bitem post of my name saying I am free. I think I will just slink back to my cell and grumble at the incompetence of my jailors.

Also, I think LJ Out To Lunch Should get their money back!

LUCKY BONES GAME 2019 - Now Closed  (13+)
6th Annual Role Playing Game/Raffle - Buy a Bone (Raffle Ticket) - 1 in 13 Wins 5K!
#2055887 by Hannah ♫♥♫
Oh.....lol ok, I think mycell has been left open too....hmm...I think I will go down to the chow hall & see whata for supper
Don't mind me while I ramble from my prison cell. Don't worry, it is only level one. Things don't get rough until after level 27, I don't know why that is, or why they even call it a prison cell. It is laughable, really. Anyway, it is 30K to get me out, but don't spend your precious gps. With enough banter, I can get out on my own. Maybe you can save one of the others? They may not be as tough as I am.

I would say it is the fault of Cupid that I am here. I must say, I don't think Cupid has shot a straight arrow in 10 years. I don't think Cupid could hit the broad side of Mr. Bones, who happens to be painted on the barn just for this post, for that matter!

Don't worry about me, though. I can steal candy from my neighbors. In case you are wondering who else is with me:

LUCKY BONES GAME 2019 - Now Closed  (13+)
6th Annual Role Playing Game/Raffle - Buy a Bone (Raffle Ticket) - 1 in 13 Wins 5K!
#2055887 by Hannah ♫♥♫