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Demitasse? Who would need a word for a small cup of coffee?
Everyone! A "small coffee cup" being anything smaller than a salad bowl with a handle on it, a specific word is needed for those rare occasions when that's what you mean *Rolling* . . .
We now cut to Lilli ☕ for further commentary.

Well, what else would you call that adorable little receptacle which holds the juice of the gods? I have a particularly lovely set that comes with matching plates for cookies.

Get to the Choppa! We flew one on Mars for the first time ever! Yay!

Well, I signed up for my covid shot on Friday. Seems I qualify for it on two different accounts. I have had covid already and it wasn't so bad. The lingering affects of it is very bothersome, even now. Hence, I am getting the covid shot, if for no other reason. Wish me luck!
Ihope you stay healthy and thrive.
Safe travels and many blessings.
Okay, I eeked out a review, finally. I hit that Read and Review button and reviewed the first thing that popped up. I am out of practice, but it should come back to me if I persist.
It's just like riding a bicycle, or so I am told. I haven't been on a bike for 35 years and would be terrified to give it a go.
My oldest took his driving test today. He passed! He is a good driver, so that is good. Yay! It was really hard to sit in the back and not make any noises. Quiet as a mouse, I was. The silence was perhaps the most difficult for me. I needed to break it, but I didn't.

We got in for the test a bit early because there was a no-show. How rude. Since he was the only tester for the county, he said they will have to go to a different county to get tested. Guess it is important to treat others respectfully. Anyone driving should already know this, I think.
I hope to get back into things soon by doing some reviews. I sure hope I don't embarrass myself!
I've added a new entry to my book, "F.R.E.D.:
         "Text or texts
So, I did complete 365 days in a row without missing a day on my Microsoft Rewards...and I won a badge for it. Happy Strange Day! This was today: 2/21/2021
The numbers look weird today. 2/21/2021 We should win the lottery or something, right? Happy strange day!
I enjoy contemplating the thought of people living on a Lunar base on the Moon. However, after looking at the landscape, I don't think it wise to live on the surface! The craters everywhere means that Lunar weather isn't a pleasant thing to experience. Digging in makes the most cents, right?

Second thought: Assuming we will soon have a base on Mars with a million people living/working there, how will their income tax be collected back on Earth? Someone is chewing their nails on this one, I can imagine...
To answer your question I assume taxes on Mars would go towards Mars advancement instead of earth... at least once things got rolling. At least that makes the most sense that Mars would actually probably be a great opportunity to start a whole new monetary system altogether, after all I heard it might take 12 years to get to Mars so really would a cross monetary system really make sense to anyone besides greedy people who just need more money no matter what planet they're on? I'm sure they'll be a Universal Mars Bank for Mars business loans and property loans before a water system is even built. Don't worry they got this alllllllll figured out.
I would love to say that there is life out there; I believe there is life out there. However, imagining there is no life out there- then, the playground will be all ours! As an evolving species, our limits may be effectively limitless! Furthermore, our controlled evolution may turn us into beings of greater diversity. (Writers may dabble with things as only readers may rightly experience?)

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