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The right word to the almost-right word is "lightning to the lightning bug." Twain

So, be my reverse dictionary, please.

There is a specific word for the path a guard takes or is supposed to take, not route, not rounds, not his beat (the beat his close, but isn't that the entire area he covers?)

The merry rhythm of Marberry's new boots clicking along his ...... confirmed his duties took him away from my location.

Prefer terms that would work in a neo-medieval fantasy society. It's actually in the future (far future) America, but it has reset to knights/dukes/kings for police and government and Sorcerers and wizards instead of scientists, doctors, and priests.

1000 gp to the best match and 1000 extra if it's actually the word that I have forgotten. Just to make it interesting and because these gps aren't doing much anyhow.

Meanwhile, my best line of the night: Female POV, a rogue, in the woods:
I slid down to crouch and closed my eyes to slits, so that an attacker would think me asleep, or at least flat-footed, and waited.

The wait proved nothing, save my impatience relative to my enemies, if any. I heard no breath, no shuffling of feet .Imagination, then? After the two-minute count, I shrugged and resumed my run.

Hiya Joto-Kai - I have this problem often and it drives me nuts *Ha*! Haunted Sox showed me this great site that's been helpful to me, if you wanna check it out: https://www.reversedictionary.org *Wink*
Nobody really jogged my memory, but it's OK... I'll give a win to all the participants!
Hoo boy, sometimes half-done edits are worse than nothing at all. But now the piece is roundly in the 3rd person--where it belongs. And yet we have a bit more of Mel's point of view, to further contextualize the piece.

For those of us who despair of ever getting to relax:

 Tide of Wood, Sand, and Sea  (ASR)
I shall live as a captain, even when the tide refuses to carry me.

Be kind to your fellow human, but in reviewing--be brutal, at least until you take down the facts you see. A review that inspires an edit is way better than one that inspires my ego.

Though you know, if it's deserved--I enjoy those, too.
So, content warning: Old yeller scene, equestrian style.

You know how reading is supposed to make you a better writer? I was just reading "In the Name of the Wind" --personally recommended for this purpose to me, and this was the BEST advice this woman ever gave me--and she gave a lot. Highly recommended.

Thinking about the depth of the story, which was much like my own but touched on how it affects the people.

And I got to thinking, my antivillain heroine rides a horse in the early story.

Then a magical blight hits, killing everything. Starting with the leaves on trees and the crops, the grass, the stockpile of grain even gets reduced to a life-draining black dust.

Yeah, without grain or grass, the horse isn't going to make it.

And being a tough-as-nails type who works behind the scenes, who does the dirty work to allow others to pretend the world is a nice place... being a die hard loyalist... she's not going to let anybody else put her horse down.

I should be happy. This is the scene that drives home that the world is dying. This is the scene that makes it personal, that propels them beyond the puppet who brought the curse to town and drives her to fight the real battle.

But the problem is that I'm only a little bit of the heroine and a lot her healer friend, the one that pretends the world is a nice place.

What's one little thing that any of us can do, or nearly any, and few of us do enough? This thing will save you as a writer from reinventing the comma and
give you an improved understanding of the reader? Check out the blog article below to find out.

"Level up your writing if you aren't already
"For the wounded writer

A small note of encouragement offered to me, which rang well enough that I thought you might need it.
Jotted down a quick inspirational story about a man who jumped into 'following his bliss' without thinking. Will his refusal to do his research cost him the very thing he came out to do?

"Tide of Wood, Sand, and Sea

Those of you who aren't already feeling an inner drive to read, rate and review, Now, before you get out there and find your own bliss, read this short short and drop me a few words of encouragement. Or counsel.

Either way I'm looking forward to hearing from you reading your words.

(I "visualize" the sound of your words as I read. Usually. For all you literalists.)

Just a quick note to anybody who might be interested. The echo technique is great in person. Copying a person's words lets them know you were listening. But if you echo the stuff under the title in the advertised link and call that the meat of your review, well we're not paying for a review of our tag line.

Using only information that you could get without even clicking on the story makes us wonder if you even read the thing. I am loath to accuse anybody but there it is.

So I was getting a private review of my Book, Shadow of the Black Dragon King, a rewrite of a book with a different heroine as the central. (The Duchess is OP and a bit too much in the dark.)

Little did I know that I never rewrote or at least never saved any of the rewrites of the scenes in the original! They were the key plot points, with Kissla's misadventures being subplots and supporting information.

So I am happily scribing them off--Finally! after balking for so long.

Great moments, too--learning a bit about these characters I've known for so many years, how they compare and contrast.
From "Breath of the Black Dragon King," my private fantasy novel:

Even as I envied her the honor people gave her, she deserved still more. I curtsied, knowing it looked odd without a dress, and whispered, like the washerwoman I played. "I am, maybe, a little mad, milady."

"I am glad you were there to bring me." Carolie squinted at me. "But, as you can see, this proves my point. I wish you'd be careful."

She frowned at Merrick and Theodorick, resting on the field of battle. "I wish you'd all be careful."

Will you never stop? She had been healing us since the day the duke's father brought home the baby Carolie sleeping in the shell of a dragon's egg. This argument would continue as long as we both drew breath. I nodded, almost a bow, and winked.

"Of course, milady," I said—in understanding, not compliance. Much as we wish otherwise, I could not serve her except as a scoundrel, fingers crossed behind my back. Her voice strips the locks; her smile burns the ledgers. Who could refuse her? Yet, all good people are fools; to blindly follow my Duchess, like the legendary queen we see in her eyes, would be nothing short of madness: an almost treasonable failing.

For more about Kissla, Carolie, and not least Carolie's husband the Duke, read "My Fairy-tale Godfather to get the backstory, or "Shadow of the Black Dragon King for the story that started it. (Not the current version, but there is a full story there even if it goes on past it
This may not be the right venue for this but I am hitting every account I have.

I sent my father with some money to put in my bank account. He had a deposit slip.

So they said he could not deposit cash--cash--unless he was on the account. When I called them they cited fraud.

Get that: they said because it was cash it could be fraud. The bank that fired people for not making enough fraudulent accounts said that a deposit of cash could be fraud. I don't have the money to pay for taxis just for their amusement. I am recently disabled and I am in a pinch. I've been doing business with them for well over twenty years.

That's in the pat now. Needless to say, I am changing banks. If you do business with Wells Fargo I am humbly suggesting you find a reputable bank to do business with.
When I was living on Ft. Ord, CA, Wells Fargo had the on-post banking contract and their motto at the time was "Wells Fargo - The Next Stage." I guess the contract came up for renewal and they lost, because the branch closed. I drove by it one evening and there was a sign taped to the inside of the main entrance: "Future home of Bank of America. The Stage has left." *Laugh*
Stupidity! Even if it was against their protocols to accept the cash (?) they could have called you on the phone number they had listed on your account and asked you if the deposit was legit instead of just rejecting it. Or they could have asked him to have you text him a copy of your photo ID. Those two options are what other businesses I've encountered - banks or otherwise - have done for me in the past. I've had pharmacies hand controlled substances to my partner with nothing more than her drivers license number.
Never thought I would ever do a tiktok but here is the reason.
Happy anniversary
see above.

Happy 19th!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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Happy WDC Anniversary!
"Thoughts of a Mad Man:
         "The winner's Snooze Bar--Managing procrastination

If you find yourself losing time due to the anxiety of an unpleasant task, try this.

If after losing time due to avoidance you find yourself deeply pained as you begin--rather than smoothly sweeping into the task--and you would like to smooth out your work flow, read this post and really figure out how to do it. A few seconds of reflection while you postpone a task could set you in much better stead. Isn't that worth a look?
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