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I've just tried writing a song:
 The Pothole Song  (E)
a song about an everyman
my entry to the make a monster comp:
 "Make a Monster" Contest Central  (13+)
The hub for my " Make a Monster" writing contest, with 50K GP for the best story!
#2247540 by Johnny Foxx
a comp that does not use bitem so I posted it here as well to see what people think?

 sky gypsy caral's long walk   (ASR)
my entry for the make a monster competition.
I've just added
the Ermintrud Eintou
to jokes and musings
 jokes and musings  (E)
this item may grow, but only slowly
I've just added an item
 camp covid  (E)
2247815 2244186 reworked
I've just posted an item in my portfolio:
 mri.docx  (E)
I've used dialogue only to spread the idea of an MRI, that uses resonance
two paleoanthropologists go to darkest Africa to discover how we got clever?

my entery for the scifi comp
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 having heard show don't tell too often  (ASR)
tell not show

1979735 screenwriters articels
The Screenwriting Group Articles  (18+)
A collection of screenwriting articles from The Screenwriting Group.
#1979735 by Jeff
I thought I was putting that number in my note pad for my future reference. not not a news feed.
I can summarize the important idea from my point of view as,
} tell dont show.

for inclusion in friendship Friday
in the general discussion forum, I offered 1000 gps to the first person to do a full review of https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1473199-Taking-a-2nd-Look-at-1st-...
because I thought it inspirational.
if I had known about friendship Friday I could have posted it here and saved mt gps
Hi, and welcome again to Writing.com. I was just stopping by, one step closer to White/Red Queen/King as I journey through "Wonderland and I saw I wanted to say hi. Good luck as you navigate your way through the site--it can be complicated, but there are answers available to those who ask.

Good luck and Welcome.
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