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Nanowrimo is just a day and hours away. I just changed the name of my story to fit the synopsis better.

Still need a cover tho i have no clue how to do this.

Hoping the outlining i did for this will help me complete it this year and the writing buddies i have.

my name on nano is gamrat300

Here's to everyone trying this year!
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added a new post to my blog called "pumpkin patch" forgot how to post a single entry from the blog.
thank you Elle i knew it was something simple like that just couldn't think of it last night and too lazy to search for it lol
Since i got myself a note book that i can type anywhere in the house now, I started an outline for this years NaNoWriMo. Have tried this before but it never pans out. One year a death happened during it, so that put a stop to it right there.

So we shall see what happens :)
Have you checked out "October NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge? It's worth it!
I *Heart* your username! Dory is my favorite!! *FishB*
Found a story i started in one of my notebooks and just reread the start and its not too shabby. Getting it into docs so that i can go forward with it and also start a book on here.

Going to be making maple pecan chicken for the first time for dinner,so cross your fingers :) Hoping that i turns out ok and that everyone will like it enough for me to make it down the line

Happy Sunday
Heaven has just received another angel way too soon. I have no words just breaks my heart.

Why does this happen?
Aw no! Sorry to hear about your loss. *Sad*
So sorry for your loss *Hug1**Heart**Hug2*
Just added a new poem this afternoon. Was thinking a lot about making new friends and trying to fit in so I just wrote a quick poem about it before leaving for my second job. Happy Tuesday

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Early morning wake up, Evans leg was stuck in between crib bars :( So now we are watching Cars and I'm drinking coffee.

Watching him play around with his books just makes my heart swell. I buy books all the time for him. Hoping that when he gets older he won't be afraid to read because he is a boy and that it is uncool to do.

One can hope. Happy Sunday morning
D.E.Rider absolutely :)
My son has always loved to read. He's 14 now and still reads a lot. He often plays sport at lunchtime with his friends, then reads in the evening and weekend, so whether it's cool or not, they'll still make time for it. *Smile*
bought myself a chromebook 11 today. super excited. i can be on it anywhere i go plus all my docs will be right there for to work on my writing and also be on here more

i would like to put We Got This! next to my name, but don't know how or even where to go to do this

Thank you
Click on MY Account on the left side of your screen. Then click on Change Handle. You can type in what you would like it to say.
In the upper left margin, click on My Account. Near the top is "Change Handle." Click on that and you can change your handle (the text beside your case). Let me know if you have trouble with it. *Smile*

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY*ConfettiB* *PartyHatB* *GiftP*


Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday

It is just a number-you're as young as or as old as you want to be! Within reason --of course! Life is the journey and not the destination. *Cake* *PartyHatO* *CakeB*