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I am going to try to write anouther chapter.
I am doing a creative writing assignment where you put down the first words that come to your mind in poetry form. I am saving it to my computer and never showing anyone.
Whew, that can be a scary thing. *Smile* Of course the vast majority of my own poetry is written that way.
yeah, at one point i had cats scat on hairy eggs. i have no clue where that came from
That made me laugh out loud, Desini!
Can I have a reason for your ratings of all my pieces? I want to improve my writing. ;)
@minja Thank you for the response. It was super helpful!
Hey! I'm new, I am just trying to get my feedback for my writing. I don't know if anyone uses this site anymore but I hope you do.
Hi Desini and welcome to Writing.Com. Don't worry about feedback on your writing because on this site newbies gets the most feedback of all *Bigsmile*. Site sometimes gets quiet early in the morning and in the afternoon but it gets pretty loud in the evening. I guess that's when everyone is coming home from work and finally have time to check in here.

If you would like more feedback than usually you can post your story in "Please Review and also you can post a message in "Review a Newbie and ask Gaby to add your story to the page for everyone who is doing reviews for that activity.

Hope this helps *Tulipr*
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