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Happy 2nd anniversary! *Heart* Hope we can catch up soon, but I understand the busy-ness. *Smile*
talk about having a busy life style. it's not all that fun, well it's not if all you're doing are the things that you don't want to do. writing has now had to come to a complete stop with my studies coming so close to the end, and having so many dead lines. reading is now down to a chapter every couple of weeks. boy oh boy I can't wait until I finish the course and start back up on all my writing. sigh. happy writing everyone.
Hi everyone this is what I've been up to these last two days, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fZfiw4Zsg it's my first time posting on youtube, but I sing in it and I draw Katness. happy writing everyone. ;D
There is just not enough time in a day to get any writing done. I'm off to bed, got a big day tomorrow even though it's a Saturday. Will be holding a stall at the local markets to sell products. I run a home business with my older sister. Goodnight and happy writing.
I have made a Facebook page for myself, so that I can post my writing and other things. I am going to have to work really hard at this. 'Kym's World' is the page name. Happy writing everyone.
ive finished writing chapter two of 'blood me', but I probable want be adding anymore until I finish writing a lot more and do some more editing. happy writing everyone. its way too late right now, going to bed.
16 views on 'Blood Me' but not one review or rating. How does that work out?
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Blood Me  (E)
Chapter one of Blood Me, fantasy, love, YA, and a girl who won't go down without a fight.
YAY So I have finally got around to writing the first chapter of 'Blood Me'. even though it's 2:30am IN THE MORNING! But yes it is done, would love to get reviews and ratings on it. As usual, fantasy based. There's love, mystery, the whole YA deal. Happy writing everyone!
I am now going to work on 'Blood Me', after all its the weekend end and I've done a lot on my studies. have to get back to what I love, at least sometimes.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 The Chosen One  (E)
The girl he fell for is now going to die, it's her fate(a scene from a book I well write)
The beautiful Minara from WDC had helped me with editing this story, that I had uploaded before. Thank you Minara. so this is 'the chosen one' guys POV edited, and waiting for reviews and ratings.
oh my goodness I just posted all this but when I posted it I hadn't even logged in yet... ugh, so im posting it again.

I wish I had time to write 'cause I want to write my 'blood me' story, I told it to a friend and she said it was interesting 'really interesting' was her words. hahaha but its 1am, been studying, so going to bed, night. happy writing everyone, and sweet dreams to those who are still asleep.

studying until 1am in the morning... ugh, I am going to be dragging myself out of bed later for work. happy writing everyone and sweet dreams.
read, study, sleep - read, study, write, sleep - read, study, sleep - read, study/worrying, sleep - worrying, studying, worrying, sleep - can anyone else see my problem here? there is not enough writing here... ugh. im going to bed - 12:30am- goodnight everyone sweet dreams and happy writing.
My student laptop is finally here! Now I have to stop reading and start cramming in my studies. If I could share pics on here, I would show what it looks like, but can't. It's black though.
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Cool! *Bigsmile*
I have been reading.... A lot!
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