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Oh my goodness! Two Quill nominations in one day! Thank you, thank you to whoever nominated me for each of the Quills. You've made my day brighter just when I needed a bit of sunshine.

My poetry collection, "Poetically Challenged , was nominated for Best Poetry Collection

and my poem, "Sleeping In was nominated for Best Short Poem, Structured

You guys and gals are all awesome. *Smile*

How Wonderful! Blessings Always, LeJenD!
Congrats on the nomination! Very nice collection of poetry!
Thank you Schnujo Boojo for the lovely Merit Badge. *HeartG*
Merit Badge in Don't Quit!
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I wanted to thank all my fans of  [Link To Item #2109126] .  Without your encouragement and support, this challenge wouldn't be the success it is today! Thank you! *^*Bighug*^*
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Merit Badge in Don't Quit!
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I wanted to thank all my fans of  [Link To Item #2109126] .  Without your encouragement and support, this challenge wouldn't be the success it is today! Thank you! *^*Bighug*^*
Thank you ♊️GeminiGem💎 Good to Know! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
Remember me telling you about needing to send them 14 days apart to get CRs? The date and time it was sent is located just above the badge number. *Wink*

You all are very welcome! Thank you for being a fan of "The Contest Challenge! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
A heartfelt THANK YOU to whoever nominated "Sleeping In for the 2022 Best Short Poem, Structured category. You honor me.

Quill Nominee Signature 2022
Many thanks for the awesome MBs I've received within the last week or so!
Merit Badge in Problem Solving
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From  [Link To User jayne] : With my apologies for the Redaction Poem prompt mishap. Thank you for taking on the challenge! I hope to see you next time for a redaction-free week of fun at  [Link To Item #dailypoem] ! Merit Badge in Brilliant
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Congratulations on your second-place win for day 6 of The Daily Poem Sept 2022! Merit Badge in Word Searches
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Great job on the wordsearch. Merit Badge in Positive Thinking
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Thank you for spreading positive vibes and participating in my newsfeed game. *^*Panda*^* From the Positive Panda
Thank you so much AmyJo - pumpkin eater !
Merit Badge in Cheerleading
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For being a cheerleader for me and my work. Much appreciated
What a great way to start my day! Thank you Schnujo Boojo *Bigsmile*

Merit Badge in Royalty
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I love treating my fans like royalty!  Without you all, getting anything done here would be a royal pain! *^*Laugh*^*
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You are very welcome! I love giving stuff to my fans! *Delight*
Check out the poem I just wrote for today's prompt in "EXPRESS IT IN EIGHT.

                                                 "Birthday *Party*

If you liked this poem, check out some of my other eight-liners in "The Great Eight

*Cry* Doesn't look like I will be able to participate in many of this year's WDC Birthday activities. *Frown* My job requires more of my time and attention for the next few weeks. *Cry*
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It's disappointing about the birthday week - but it sounds like you are being given responsibility and doing well at work, so I'll take your note as a happy one after all! *Smile*

I've added a new poem to my folder, "Poetically Challenged , for week 7 of "Promptly Poetry Challenge:
Sleeping In  (E)
just a guilty little pleasure
#2279531 by LeJenD' The Bogey Queen

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I must read it carefully.
I've added a new entry to my book, "Dissociated Thoughts:
         "BCOF DAY 3477 - Music

I've added a new entry to my book, "Dissociated Thoughts:
         "BCOF 3476 - Social Aspects, Birthdays
Thank you for the GPs Anonymous! *Delight*
Officially approved Writing.Com Preferred Author logo.

*Balloony* Congratulations on your promotion! *Balloony*
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Thank you!
I've added a new entry,
         "Life: At It Again to my blog "Dissociated Thoughts.

*Party* Good to see you in yellow.
Happy Preferred! *Star*
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Thanks! *Bigsmile*
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