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How do you all take this corona virus lock down episode?It is a panic and chaos or do you think this is a wonderful opportunity for many of us to self reflect go inside and emerge out as more evolved and compassionate individuals? The latter stays good for me ..

What about you all?Would love to know your views here
For some people, it is panic and chaos, and that's why they're hoarding so much. For many of us though, we're taking a breath and pausing our lives. I like to think I'm becoming more self-aware, but there's only so much of that I can do.
Good morning/Evening friends
Please have a view at my creation 2215990 ...War against Corona
Hello Onenessinall , Good afternoon here *Laugh* I want to welcome you to this WdC
You can make a link here in the notes so people can click on it like this "We are in War -Health war Against Corona
On how you can make it is like this {item:2215990} Try it! *Delight*
Welcome to WdC, Onenessinall!

Another way to make a link is {bitem:2215990} which creates the link below.

 We are in War -Health war Against Corona  (E)
Corona attack is like a global war ..a combat not against terrorists or among countries
#2215990 by Onenessinall

There are other ways to make links, but the ones we just showed you are the 2 most common. *Smile*

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I'm involved with the Wonderland and I have to contact the newbies who just signed up, so I have to announce that I'm going to send you some "tarts given to you from the Knave of Hearts" and I want to say, Welcome aboard and keep on writing.

"Wonderland"   by iKïyå§amaCabre

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