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Happy anniversary 🎉

WOW, that’s nearly as long asWdC
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Thank you so much, Lilli; it is indeed a great honor to be promoted to Preferred Author... Goodness gracious me, I am a bit ... ahem... thank you, and thank you some more... All good wishes,

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Congratulations on your well deserved promotion! *Smile*
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Happy 20th!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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happy anniversary
I have been rather busy writing a new short story, and I just cannot find the right title... However, there is tomorrow, and tomorrow, and another tomorrow... It will come to me...

Hello, Fellow Writers,

These past few months have been hard for/on me. My husband has been going through quite a few therapies related to his cancer. Things have not been good to him, and chemo therapies became the normal, or should I say? abnormal?

However, the end seems to be coming. The cancer seems to have been tamed, and things are looking brighter.

My writing has been put aside; however, worries and heart-breaking days are becoming or rather beginning to float away!

I am looking forward to continue with my writing. Hurrah!!!

Welcome, 2019!!!

I lost sight of writing.com when I was overcame with health problems. I felt all alone, wandering and looking for relief from bodily pain. Writing became a distress, an ache that seemed to latch on to me - leaving me helpless and concerned - was my life on earth finally at my door?

Life what is it, anyway? A breath, a hiccup, a privilege to receive the blessings of a god that is nowhere to be found.

Am I lost in the wilderness of chaos, of problems that beset me, of anger that corrupts, of confusion that disorganizes the mind, of a fear of loss, of grief that despairs?

Now I seek the cure to what ails me. Where do I begin?

I have been busy submitting to different publishers. So far none has been accepted. But I am pushing on. One day I may just get "lucky" and my fiction/nonfiction will be accepted!!!

Luck does not come to it, yes? What I mean is maybe one of my works will hit the heart of an editor!!! It may happen tomorrow or the next time I submit a different genre. I have hope. One day, maybe...

I shall continue to edit my work. I shall also continue to submit. It is a long road to publication but I shall get there and realize the day my work is published!!!

I have experienced self-publication twice. I may do a third one - if I find waiting too tedius!!!
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