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I haven't really been on here in a while, so how is everyone doing? *Smile*
Good and I'm great thank you. *Bigsmile*
Neither have I. School has been eating all my time. How you doing, sweets?
Just realised I never replied to you, CV, really sorry! And errmm, I'm doing good minus stress with a science exam coming up this month. Stressed out and no time for writing. *Sad* I need to come on this site more, so I can catch up with you all. It feels like I've been away for so long. Maybe I'll put some updated chapters up soon, though the storyline's changed a little, I guess. *Smile*
Happy New Year! *Bigsmile* I hope you all have an amazing 2013! *BalloonG*
Merry Christmas, everyone! *SantaHat* Hope you all have a good one!
Same to you!
Who is doing NaNoWriMo in November (well, Thursday lol)?
Good luck! *Smile* I'm so scared, it's my first year.
Its been over a month since my last HM chapter and I'm nowhere near ready to post. I'm actually scrapping the part I've written and doing it all over again. It may take awhile. I'm editing now the first chapter and working on a Prologue.

Hope you're doing good! I promise chapter 31 will be put up eventually.

There is a story I posted not long ago I'm proud of I'd love some more reviews on. So if you want, check it out for me and leave me a review and that'd be awesome of you.

 Saved  (13+)
Meg and Harry go on their summer tradition of visiting the Lake, but tragedy strikes! R&R!
#1882650 by Lillyrose
And if you've already read Saved, it has been edited a lot and the story has been changed slightly. So if you look at it again for me and let me know what you think, that's be great. *Smile*
Exactly a year today I made my WDC account! *Bigsmile* One year! It kinda feels more like I've been here forever though, lol.
Happy WdC Anniversary!
Thank you! *Smile*
I've added a new piece to my port. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could take the time to look at it for me? *Smile* Thanks in advance if you do.

 Saved  (13+)
Meg and Harry go on their summer tradition of visiting the Lake, but tragedy strikes! R&R!
#1882650 by Lillyrose
What do you guys think of a Prologue for Hidden Magic?
I think it would be awesome. Give a little teaser.
Thanks. *Smile* Do you think it would be cool to do a scene from later in the book, but not give too much away, but still like, set the eerie kind of mood?
My WDC one year anniversary in twelve days! *Bigsmile* I'm way too excited about this lol.
Lol, congratulations. *Smile*
Happy almost anniversary, sweets!
Thank you. *Bigsmile*
Fingers crossed for Hidden Magic chapter soon. *Smile* I seem to have a little bit of writer's block again.
I'm sorry, readers, but I've decided to scrap Forever Yours. *Sad* I just don't feel like writing it any more and don't have the inspiration or time for it. Maybe someday I'll decide to try again, but for now it's going to sit on the shelve. I'm sorry for you great reviewers that read it and liked it; I really appreciated all your comments. Thank you.