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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
Happy birthday!
*Confettir* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 6TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, LINA! *Cake* *Confettip* *Confettiv*
Smiley needs another laugh!
"Note: ** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only ** Smiley ..."
*Snowman**Stockingr*Merry Christmas Everyone!*Santahat**Xmastree*

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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas my partner in crime.
Congrats on winning NaNo! *Thumbsup* That is an amazing final word count too!
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Thank you so very much, Cinn! I think I pulled it off because I'm in love with the story I am writing. I'm sure once I've completed the story, and done some major editing, and re-writing the word count will end up very condensed. I've even considered turning it into a series with how long it is, and how things are turning out. We will see.

Thank you so much again,

Lina *Smile*
Hey WDC! You gotta stop over and visit "WDC 14th Birthday Sr. Mod. Challenge, this challenge with the Mod's is awesome.

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I'm taking the challenge!
Last Day WDC... and prices have just been reduced by half.

The Rogues cost 1500 gp's, now reduced to 750 gp's
Lasses cost 1000 gp's, now cost 500 gp's
Swords cost 500 gp's, now 250 gp's

Prize amounts are still the same.

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1995409 by Not Available.

Only 3 days left.

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#1995409 by Not Available.

Hurry! Don't miss out on great chances to win awesome prizes.

Many thanks for the lovely surprise of a raffle ticket.
Michigan's Metro Detroit area sucks!!!!! I got off work at 6p.m. and its now 10:47 p.m. And I'm still a long way from home. Im very very frustrated, it's flooded everywhere!
Man do I know how that feels. Houston does the same thing when it rains.
Ummm... I'm very *Confused*!?!?!? (Scratching my head.)

For the last week or so, I've been in a auction match with Lynda Miller in

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#1990272 by Not Available.

So, how I ended up with not one of the lovely images has me so very baffled and *Shock*ed!

I think I'm going to blame Marci Missing Everyone for ending the contest on a Sunday when I was really busy! *Facepalm* and definitely Lynda Miller for being the image hogger! *Pthb*

So, I've decided to demand that Marci Missing Everyone run another auction immediately! I'll have to keep in mind for the next round how on demand her images are! *Rolleyes* and (Shaking my head). Yep, so I wont be a sore loser... much anyway! *Laugh* I'll just make sure to be on top of it next time.
I'm doing signatures for the birthday bash. I'll have another auction in November.
We need to pitch our thought to the SMS. We would need judges, but I am sure we could get some.

I am really serious, I know you want the Autumn angel so I will send that if I can figure out how two!!! *Laugh*
*Castleright* Rogues, Lasses, and Swords for sale!*Castleleft*

Oh my! *Shock*

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **
"Invalid Item

*Shield6* Great GP prizes, Awesome groups supported, chance to win*Shield6*
** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **
and more...

And don't forget to enter the

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"Invalid Item

It has a brand new clan for August, provided by yours truly Jeff

With more great prizes! And more chances to win the exclusive

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

Hope to see you there!
So, I forced myself out of bed today to wrap up my raffle, and contest. My entire family has been really ill the last few days, so when I logged on today and opened up a message from kiyasama, I think my fever went down a few notches.

Here is the message *Down*


You have been chosen as Author of the Month for July 2014 by the members of"The WDC Angel Army" !! *Bigsmile*

Attached is a plaque you're welcome to display in your port as a token of a job well-done and to keep on filling your port with even more reader-pleasing items.

You will also find your name now placed in our ever growing "WDC Army Angel Hall of Fame" as well. *Cool*

Congratulations again and keep on writing!

And that wasn't all! This wonderful award was included. *Down*

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

This is just so very AMAZING! I'm so excited, and am humbly honored! *Delight*

Thank you Angel Army! You guys Rock!

A well earned accolade. *Smile*
Congratulations, from the bottom of my heart! *Heart*I'm happy and excited for you, Lina, You so deserve this honor! You're such an amazing giving person; always thinking of others! Much love and respect always. Marcia Marcia~I'm Home :)
The Results are in.

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **
"Invalid Item

The first round (July 2014) are available for viewing.

Please see "Invalid Item

The seven entries to the contest are being reviewed. Those results will be available around
August 15th.

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **
"Invalid Item

Thank you to all those who came over, visited, reviewed, purchased, donated, and entered my first ever raffle and contest! I truly appreciate all your wonderful support!

August rounds are now open, please come by and help keep the raffle and contest going!

Thanks everyone!

Sorry Os! Their yours to keep! I warned you about those rogues.
There's no such thing as a dud Scottish rogue, Os! *Shock*
*Laugh* I must agree with you, Elle! Nope, no such thing. Never ever!
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