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I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Knight and Shining Armor  (E)
Something I wrote for my favorite person. Dedicated to my love, you mean the world to me.
Does anybody else here have a blog?
Off-site (wordpress, etc.) or WDC blog?

I have a WDC blog. Recent WDC blog posters can be found by clicking "Bloggers" in the left column. Also using search on Type = "Books" subheading "Journal Blog"

Blogging Bliss Newsletter  (E)
Blogging Bliss - The Unofficial Blogging Newsletter of WDC
#1953629 by Wordsmitty ✍️

I have now 4 blogs!! I know, a bit too much. But I like the way you can experiment with writing in a blog.
I need to write something new...
my i phone was stolen twice in the same month.. like what the heck.. back to a droid
Getting a new phone on Monday, thank god for Asurion !!
I think today has gone terribly wrong . My phone, Drivers License, and bank Card were all stolen, while I was at work.. Tomorrow will be better though... One can only hope.
That's awful! I hope they find whoever did it.
Thank you, me too.
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