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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Blue vs. Red  (13+)
A satirical irony or ironical satire - depending on your point of view.
This morning I got into a discussion with an acquaintance in which we had differing opinions. I told him to go ahead and google it to prove my point. His response - "I don't research things I don't agree with".

Is this guy alone in his ignorance or is this a common reaction?

I always thought people wanted to be informed, not remain ignorant.
No wonder nobody actually learns anything!
I have found that with many persons who do not have a solid argument they will resort to misdirection. By this I mean they may revert to name calling, outright lying, and so forth.
I've just entered an item in the Humorous Poetry Contest:
Penny's Purple Purse Peccadillo  (E)
Penny's purse is stolen.
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I've decided to try a different genre, science fiction, and I could use any help you care to give! I set up this novel last year and never actually started it, tis time to jump in and see what happens! I have added Chapter 1.
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I've added a new entry to my book, "Zattu:
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For those who need a smile today -
 Ping Among The Pines  (E)
An alliteration about aroma. Some dogs have their day.
#2007909 by Phoenix
Another Newbie post that you all might enjoy!
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Hey everyone!
Found another Newbie post I thought you might enjoy!
 Watch the Fireworks with Me  (E)
A short story that I had written awhile back for a school assignment. ~1350 word count
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I found this in a newbie's port, thought you all might enjoy it!
 Heat Rises  (ASR)
A woman loses her husband
#2007124 by Stephanie Ferguson