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Heartiest congratulations on Chandrayaan-3's soft-landing at the Moon's southern pole!
happy anniversary
Happy WDC Anniversary! *Smile*
A special day is coming up for you this month.

*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Happy Birthday!!!
I hope you enjoy your day!

Happy birthday 🎂🥳
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Happy Birthday!
May your creativity continue to run wild!
Happy Birthday, Gupta Ji! *Smile*
Have a great day and year ahead!
This is to inform all and to recommend about The Reviewer's Forum, #2274204 by Rupali Goswami. I find this to be an activity beneficial both to the participants and the wdc itself.
--M C Gupta
Rupali's Personal Review Forum  (E)
Accept review orders from the forum.
#2274204 by Dr Rupali Goswami
Thank you so much ⛄️GeminiGem🎄.
Happy WDC Anniversary!🥳
Happy WdC Anniversary! *Smile*
Happy anniversary
I am a Nursing Assistant in the U.S.
I spent most of my years as a caregiver as Home Health Aid. My clients were the elderly who either had enough money or whose family had enough money to pay to keep them safely at home. I had an eye opening experience working for a privately owned Hospice group. The owner was “Christian” in the most true sense of the word. Most of the patients were word of mouth from her Church. Our patients
believed In the God they worshipped. They did not fear their end of life.
My parents both worked well beyond retirement, yes because what they did was fulfilling to them.I have only read a few pieces of you work, I look forward to reading more. Your work, writing, speaks to me.
Blessings and Peace

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