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Happy Birthday, Gupta Ji!
I wish you a Happy Birthday Dr. Gupta! I hope you get to enjoy your day in a special way.
Happy Birthday, Gupta Ji!
Let us celebrate life together as this day marks your birth.
May it be a day and a life filled with an abundance of peace,
love and joy.
Happy Birthday!
Guptaji! Happy WDC Birthday!
Hello fellow writer, I see that you are from India. I have one question to ask of you ... are you Hindu? I have several friends that are young Hindu artists but no elders. I am 60 now and would appreciate your advice about a current life struggle. Why??? because you "may be" Hindu and you are my elder. Please excuse me for not spending time in your port.

Best regards, Whitemorn
You are amazing and I love you and I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful, amazing, great rest of your day! 💕 💕 💕 💕
Happy Birthday, Gupta ji!
My name is Marci. I see that you like to write poetry, and so I would like to invite you to join "The Poet's Place . We are just starting out and we are having a "~ The Poet's Place Cafe~. Come check us out! *Smile*

Marci Missing Everyone
*Partyhatp* Happy WDC birthday! *Partyhatp*
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
What’s the rarest drop?
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
FIVE STAR POETRY CONTEST:editor's choice  [E]
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