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Teapot  [13+]
That which I'm not. And that which I am.
by Thankful Sonali WDC Power Revw

"Note: It has begun! 1/7 "

Everyone get to Itchybarn 's note NOW!
Thank you so much for your support! This outpouring comes at such an important time since I just tragically and suddenly lost my cousin yesterday! Thank you so much!!!
Schnujo - so sorry to hear about your cousin. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time.
Thankful Sonali WDC Power Revw,
You are always ready to extend your helping hands to us.
So, you are proud of us.
With good wishes,
I have a new toy on WdC.

I used to use a double-dash -- like so.

Now, Jayne told me we have — .

I've been {emdash}ing all over the place. *Rolling*

Jayne — you've unleashed a monster.
Hmmm. You are right. It does not work with the upper numbers. Sorry...
Definitely strange that the upper numbers don't do the same thing, Blueyez! But thanks for the info!
Thanks for the link Jayne , I'm off to read it. I've only ever used hyphens.
Thank you! *Bigsmile*

Merit Badge in Make Things Happen
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    Congratulations for 'making things happen' to reach your reviewing goal at the  [Link To Item #1300076]  for July/2021! Way to go, and keep up the great reviewing. *^*Starw*^* ~Lornda & The  [Link To Item #power]

Stay blessed.
So, so happy to log on to this in my inbox!

Thank you! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*

Although, who else would you be? *Rolling*

Merit Badge in What a Character
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Congratulations on winning 1st Place in the May 2021 round of  [Link To Item #character] !
Congratulations again.
Thank you!

Merit Badge in Mystery
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Thank you for the awesome reviews you sent in June 2021.  It is people like you, with kind, loving hearts that allows this forum to flourish.  I am indebted to you all.


Thanks Same Ol' Sum1 and LegendaryMask💗 for running "Anniversary Reviews with so much enthusiasm and dedication!
Awe, shucks! It twas nothing... *Blush* *Whistle* *Bigsmile*
I rather enjoyed reviewing
Cinn's lovely poem!

Review of "An Outdoor Adventure"
So creative of reviewing a poem. Poem reviewed by a poem. Awesome *Cool*
Thank you! *Delight*

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Thank you for paying it forward in June with outstanding reviews!  *^*Heart*^**^*Teddy*^**^*Teddy*^**^*Teddy*^**^*Heart*^*
This is really beautiful.
Desipte the 'iffy internet' you were over there killing it with the reviews in June!!! Congratulations Sonali!!! *Heartp*
Congratulations for your success.
So happy to see this *Delight*
Looks like LegendaryMask💗 has thrown us all a challenge! *Smirk2*

C'mon, peeps!

"WOOOW and they keep coming!"  
You Go, Girl!!!
Really WOOOW.
Thanks! *Bigsmile*

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Dear  [Link To User mesonali] ,

You are the Biz! Thank you for putting  [Link To Item #anniversary]  over the 200 reviews mark in June 2021. 

If you're doing reviews for "Anniversary Reviews (which I hope you are because the forum is almost at the set goal of 200) please consider reviewing this item - the author wants to expand it and is looking for feedback

 Throwing Darts at a Map  [13+]
Coming of age story that sprung forth from insecurity, defeat, and cynicism. Brief.
by THoulihan
You're so *Star* AWESOME *Star* thank you for the advertisement. Our goal is sooooo close that we can taste it, can't we Thankful Sonali WDC Power Revw. Please, help us out to reach our goal. *Heart* Everyone loves an Anniversary review.
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