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Ha ha! Enjoyed writing my "The Writer's Cramp entry for today! *Ha*

 It can't be wool  (18+)
The tale of two locked doors and a crate that was too heavy to be just wool.
#2213503 by Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
I almost didn't exist.

The true tale of how my parents' honeymoon nearly ended in divorce.

This is a great little tale, made me laugh! I give your mother every right, lol!
Thanks for sharing that wonderful story. Your mother was so beautiful. *Delight*
Sample of one of the post marks we got.
Had a lovely, lovely trip.
Got three different post marks from three different post offices!
Helped by some awesome friends and some very efficient post office staff.

For an explanation of what the picture shows, do click the link below!
Going on a day-trip tomorrow -- in search of more post-marks.
Spending the day with a friend who is coming along, and two friends who live in Mysore (next city, where we're going to the post office).
Travelling by train.
Have a great time and be careful!
Have fun! Safe travels!
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You know there's nobody but you, 🌓 HuntersMoon
Except Robert Edward Baker, that is.
The StoryMistress and The StoryMaster !
I've been seeing people thanking you for Christmas gifts, and thinking it must be for those in the US of A.

SO - this gift, sent to me all the way in India, came as a wonderful, totally unexpected, completely surprising surprise!! *Delight*

Thank y*Suitheart*u
*Hug1* sooooo *Hug2*

Love the card, love the gifts, love the StoryFamily, love WDC!!
My Dad, on his meeting with India's legendary businessman, JRD Tata.

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