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Hello good people! How r we all?
My story Berlin Demon has been moved on for further reviewing at Austin Macualeys which is brilliant! I'm exited to know whether it will be published or not!
In that time ille take a break from writing and wait to hear on Berlin Demon!
it's good to be back on here!
Meghan xxx
Hello lovely people! How are we all?
November is very inportant to me, its the month of the National Novel Writing Month. Its a massive writing site where you write 50,000 words starting 1st Nov to the end of Nov.
I am spreading the word about it as i took part last year, and so anyone intrested please check it out!
Also good news, i am nearly about to send off my short story Berlin Demon to be published! If it gets approved then it will be my first story published! I'm very exited! Just a few drawings left to do and it will be sent off!
I will let u know if it was approved or not! Hopefully a yes would be awesome!
I have not written or typed a story, having a break as i am concentrating on my education as i am now doing GCSE English! So thats exiting too!
I am thinking about adding anouther story on here and replacing it with my last one! Not sure.
Happy writing folks and see you soon!
Meghan xxx
NaNo is a big deal on this site, for obvious reasons. Have you checked out these activities?
"October NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge
"The WDC NanoLounge
"NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon
No I haven't but thanks for the links!
Hey guys!
Just finished another book called "Tick" its similar to Rocky like the style its in, like the strange characters, but its nice and sweet and different. Remember if you would like to read it, please email me your email and ille send you the story!
Meghan xxx

hey guys,
currenty on my 37th story, Golden Skull, its Horror/Romance/Thriller. Never exactly typed a romance but im willing to give it a go. As the story goes a long I should be making some good twists and make a good story line So far its about an actress who gets haunted by an evil spirit, that a young woman has something to do about it, however the young actress finds love in a handsome director's brother, who swears on his life to protect her.
That's as far as ive got but im sure as I type some more ille get more ideas for it!
Again if you'd like to read it when its finished, please send me your email and ille send it over!
Meghan xxx
Okay guys, Berlin Demon complete, if anyone would like to read it, send me your email, and ille send it to you! I think this is one of my biggest stories to date, im proud of it, its gone to plan the way I wanted it to. If you send me your email, please send me a review, its still very important to me!
Meghan xxx
Hello everyone,typing a new story called Berlin Demon. Because I cannot type anymore stories on here as I can only go up to ten, if you would like to read this story when ive finished it, which I will let you know, please send me your email and ille send it for you to read. And please keep sending me reviews as it is apprieated!
Berlin Demon is about the history of a Ventriloquist Dummy, that when he came to move to Berlin, he nows causes trouble, and the history, is a nightmare.
Again ille let you know when it's finisihed, and anyone who wants to read please let me know!
Meghan xxx
Hello folks,
Just had my photo taken for our marie curie motorcycle ride that we did last month. We just did a picture with the check. :)
Thanks for the reviews for my 10 tales of the wired and unusual, i would like to point out that i have taken every single persons review seriously. And I always make sure my puncuation is looking good. I thank u all gor ur tome to look at what i do, at the end of the day, i am not Jk Rowling, im not the best author in the world, I admit i am still learning how to make my stories 10 times more then what they are now.
If anyone folows Young Writers, please check out any books they publish, u may gind my name in there, as i am very well known. I will stay on here, and keep in contact with u all, i cant post any more stories up, only 10. So ille leave at that. Please tell me if u have not seen myworkl, and feel free to check out what i do.
Meghan xxx
Hey guys Meghan here,
I have posted 3 parts to a story that wen i created it last year ment a lot to my horror writing style. Its called the end of the world, and its a tale that has a little twist to the end, but creates a very edgy, scary sequences of dark death defying scenes of zombies taking over. Please read and see what u think.
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