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Happy Fools Day! Let the fun begin!!
Who are you calling .... *Blush* Never mind LOL Happy Fools Day to you as well, my friend.
I think Sisco is one of the most generous person here! You are always giving me gifts and I happen to love it!

Thank you!!
*Blush* Just doing good deeds where I can. If that makes you happy - Job done! *Heart*
Yes, Sisco is awesome! Thanks again for all the tickets, and for being a very special WDC member~*Heart* And, Hi, Mi Belle, miss you a lot! Hugs~Hannah
Thank you Sisco for being so sweet!
Step Into Spring the ribbion awards are as many as the flowers.*ribbion*


Merry Christmas xxx
Enjoy your Sunday Michelle...
hay, like the stuff horse's eat*Laugh*, anyway I saw your portfolio, and found it was fairlygood^_^

I have yet to read the stuff you write, I like the fact you have reviewed so I'm going to give you this...

PS, how did you become a 'Moderator', and what is a Moderater, cos I have no clue what it is, but I know it's half way between a 'perfered writer', and a... well that red one.
HI michelle. I was just poking around your port to get to know you better. So glad I did, we really have alot in common.
HI Kids...I love Writng.com!!!
Happy Mother's Day to my favorite Cheerleader! ~*Heart*
I like this notebook thing a lot better. I know what you mean; I just finished the semester and hope to be giving creative writing classes along with working at the library for the summer.
Hey Michelle! How are you?
Hi Kids, I hope you are having a wonderful day!
Scribble..Scribble...Scribble! It's just me...going to everyone's notebook and scribbling all over! HA! Enjoy your day there!
Mi Belle, come by my sliders, click on # 4, write me a poem, then click Take Snapshot, that will save it for me. Hugs~Hannah
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