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I want some fans 😊
Thank you Gentillylace 😊
Obviously, Gentillylace is either on the Community Newsfeed or she had already clicked your Plus Sign once to set you as a favorite. (Twice sets you as a fan. Fans see a megaphone in place of your Plus.) Both people who have clicked your Plus once and twice will see your Newsfeed notes, but you only get notified of fans.

If someone hasn't clicked your Plus Sign at all and they don't go to the Community Newsfeed, they'll never see your notes. Thus, if you want fans, it's important for YOU to go to the Community Newsfeed. *Bigsmile*

To get there, go to your Personal Newsfeed, the default, by clicking Newsfeed. Then, along the top of your Personal Newsfeed, you'll see "View the Community Newsfeed." Click that. It removes the filters (except the ratings filter) and you'll see what EVERYONE is posting, not just folks whose Plus Sign YOU have clicked. *Bigsmile* Now Scroll, Like, and Comment. As you begin making friends, folks will slowly begin clicking YOUR Plus. Also, as you fan folks, some will fan you in return automatically. *Smile*

I hope you've found this helpful. *Smile* BTW, just yesterday I gave all my fans 10k. If you'd like 10k, you can fan me. *Bigsmile* No pressure, of course. *Wink* But if you want to...


Good luck on your search to get fans! *4leaf*
You can also join the rest of us, if you have the GPs to do so. Right now some of us are doing an event where we are sending GPs (gift points--the WdC version of money) or MBs (merit badges) to all our fans, or in at least one case, doing a drawing to give to a few fans, if they can't give to all of them. *Wink* If you are interested, the event is going on this weekend and I can advertise for you...because if you don't have fans, not many people will see what you post. *Frown* Anyway, let me know if you want to give away some GPs or MBs and I can help you learn now. *Bigsmile* Otherwise, the other info I gave is still good for getting fans, just probably slower. *Wink*
Welcome to the website and thank you for helping me get one step closer to red queen in
Wonderland  (13+)
a "nonsensical" writing activity. Until next time!
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