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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Hey there Happy Birthday. Have a good one..
Today will be the 10th and final day of Andrew's port anniversary celebrations, so we're spreading some cheer in his honor! *Bursto**Balloong* *Burstb* *Balloonp* *BurstR* *Balloony*


Keep writing! You're doing great with NaNoWriMo!
What a week. Everything was going, if not good, at least acceptable. Then I go into work Monday and find out I'm fired. Had the feeling I was being forced out, and I did want to get out, but didn't think it would happen so fast. Well, onward to the next adventure I guess...
So sorry this has happened. I will pray for GOD to turn it into a blessing. Keep us posted. *hugs*
*pokes notebook* *Bigsmile*
Hoo-Hoo! Guess that poke let out my inner doughboy
Well I did it again. Overloaded myself with too many projects and other things during Nano. Been a weird year for me with writing in general, haven't really gotten much of anything done.
it happens like that sometimes, DT! I hope other things are going well for you. *Bigsmile*
Thx J. Everything else is going pretty good, just finished a training program at work so I'll be eligible for a promotion within the next month or so. The training just drained me too much mentally to be able to give my all to Nano. There'll always be another Nano though!
today's schedule~
First class, last class, Nano, unlimited wings for $10, MORE NANO!
I ate 22 wings (sweet chili, buffalo, pseudo-teriyaki, and some honey BBQ) a batch of fries, and several long islands. It was a delicious night!
22? Pretty soon you'll be sprouting some of your own. What is pseudo-teriyaki? Anyway it must have been delicious. *mouth watering.
It was labeled as "house" wings, and the waitress said it was similar to teriyaki. It was ok, but seemed like it was a watered down teriyaki sauce
New set of goals for today/tonight:
~Finish those last 4 pieces of Nanoprep before midnight
~Do Chap 8 for Diversity class
~Do the "Replacement" Poem for writing class
~Get more sponsors for Team White on "NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon Group
~Trash talk how Team White is gonna blow the other teams out of the water!
~Do Quiz 8 for Marketing class, and maybe work farther ahead...
~Take a nap if possible... cause I know it's not good to start nano without enough sleep!
~START NANO at 12:01!
Thanks for the new slider snapshot! *Smile*
I've really enjoyed a bunch of your work but I have yet to give you full reviews on most of them, great writing style!
thank you, I'm glad you appreciate it.
J put her to do list up and I figure, I ain't utilized this fantastical feature of writing.com yet, so why don't I pop my to do list up here before I pass out.
Day 6 and 7 of "October Novel Prep Challenge
Round 1 of "Poetry Zombies: Dawn of the Dreck!
Reviews for "Poetry Zombies: Dawn of the Dreck!
Both activities for ch4 in my marketing class... by noon
Whatever I missed, cause I know there's something...
Welcome to CSFS! It's a great place to be!
Welcome to the Coffee Shop for the Fantasy Society. I'm sure you'll love it here!
Thank you for the greetings, I look forward to all the fantastical whimsy that I'll find or bring into the societies halls!
You can do it!! There's still time! *Bigsmile*
Thanks for the encouragement! I was struggling with that last 3k words. Took a moment to fill my belly, saw this when I came back, and after a change to some bagpipe music started firing the words off again =)
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