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Three days left before the "HONORING OUR VETERANS Contest closes on the 27th at noon. Need 3 more entries and I give a Random picked Merit Badge. Names are all in the hat so far. I had 6 entries in January and have 6 so far in February. Shooting for that 15.*CountryUS*
*Think* Did I submit my entry? *Whistle* I can't remember, now! *Ha*
Here it is, my bad, it's been a long month! *Whistle* "My Soldier Blue, I love you! *Heart*
I entered! Thank you for the reminder *Smile*
Patriotic Valentine  (13+)
A Valentine for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members
#2244983 by 🌸 pwheeler love, joy, peace
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
An ode indeed for The Poets Place Cafe.
This poem was published in a coffee table Poetry book, The Silent Journey. Posted here in November with no review as yet. Let me know what you think.
We have one entry in the "SENIOR CENTER FORUM Contest that is open to all. Valentines day is Sunday and all Carol St.Ann and I ask is that you write us a poem about love. We would love to have you do that. Win Awardicons and Gift points too Yep that's all we ask of you.
Just write a poem like you do
and make it rhyme is all I will ask of you.
I *can* rhyme at least :)
Great, this I know. It may get us more entries, Thank You
Hey! Carol St.Ann and I have only one entry in the "SENIOR CENTER FORUM C'mon, Prompt is LOVE. And since January 1ST nine entries in the "HONORING OUR VETERANS contest Not even a Dear John letter. *Sob*
Do i have to be a senior to enter the senior contest?
Can we do 2?
You do not have to be a senior to enter Contests at "SENIOR CENTER FORUM
If I get over 15 entries total by February 27th, I will put all entry names in a hat and draw one for a special Military Merit Badge. An Idea to boost Entries in the "HONORING OUR VETERANS Contest.
Great idea!
Does my January entry carry over?
Yes all 5 entries carry over into this month.
With only 5 entries in the
Of course there's a Veterans Day - EVERY DAY!
#423698 by Monty
I am extending the contest until February 27th until noon to see if there is enough interest to see if I should keep the Contests going???
I hope you'll keep it open. I don't enter very often but I am a veteran and appreciate the contest.
Please, Don't! 💔😭💔
Maybe it can be added to "The Contest Challenge to help boost your entries!
I usually list your contest as an option for when people are catching up and nothing is open for a specific month. I recommend your contest. *Smile* I'm always happy to highlight it, but I'm booked until this summer. Every June, I run the quick and easy contests. If you want to make the contest fit in the rules for that, 15 lines of poetry or less and/or 500 words of story or less, I'm happy to highlight it. Or we can schedule for another month so you can run it as usual. *Smile*
I need entries in the "HONORING OUR VETERANS as ever, you say. Yes if the the contest is going to stay open.
I am waiting to see some entries in the "HONORING OUR VETERANS ... What is new about that LOL? and maybe some at "SENIOR CENTER FORUM for Carol, that great lady that is helping me through a rough time.