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I am looking for a Veteran who would like to become leader of the Veterans Group. I cannot be here as often as I always have been and will not get better in physical health. I can only set at computer for short time. I hate to think that the Veterans Group which is 22 years old would no longer exist.
Schnujo is Late to Lannister - I am looking for someone and I am sure there a some here that can run this Group as I have and maybe better but I want someone to doit as Countrymom and I would like.
intuey - Tink someone will show up 🇺🇸 Carol St.Ann 🇺🇸 will judge the contest next month or until we find someone.
Ashok Banerjee - Think I have my choice Thank you.
Cortisone shots did not help. Will not be here long today. The "SENIOR CENTER FORUM and then "HONORING OUR VETERANS contest is looking for entries.
Hope you will feel much better soon, Monty! *Heartv*
Cubby - Don't think there is much chance. Thank you for the well wishes.
Thaddeus Buxton Winthrop - THank you my friend.
Sorry can't stay today, pain just sitting in chair here, more spinal appts. in future ??? Am going to need help finding someone to run the two ICONIC nets I have been leader of.
5 Days before the "HONORING OUR VETERANS Contest closes and it will. Have only 2 entries, would be nice to have a few more.
My time at keyboard is limited. I had 5 cortisone injections in my back on Thursday.
Hello Monty,
That sounds like a lot in one day. I hope you are doing better and hopefully pain free now.
When I herniated my disc in 2019 I could only get one every 3 months. Around 6-8 weeks I was in pain again.

I hope they last longer for you than they did for me.
Take care my friend.
Thank you everyone. The numbing agent helped for a couple days, now waiting for steroids I guess.
Hi Monty,
I like your new cover picture. I am sure each pin has significance. I don't think I have told you thank you for your service to our precious country.
Thank you For the Quill Winner in experience and the Quill Finalist Award for Family in the "HONORING OUR VETERANS and BTW: STARTING IN APRIL CONTESTS WILL CLOSE EVERY MONTH IRREGARDLESS OF NUMBER OF ENTRIES, 3 entries only 1st place will be given, less than 7 only 1st and 2nd place will be given.

I have just edited
And surely you should believe.
#2246219 by Monty
I have edited "MY STORY and would appreciate feedback.
Wow. What an amazing story! *Heart* I wasn't aware you were once blue. Lucky us, you kept coming back!
Elycia Lee ☮ - I was gone 1 month first time in 05, Second time near two monthes in 15 (eye surgery).
Glad to see you back. Hope you're feeling better. *Smile*
I have added this to the Veterans Group for any member who wants to use it for a sig.
For Members in Veterans Group.
Very nice and inviting, congratulations!
The "HONORING OUR VETERANS contest has 2 entries and if I could get 5 more before noon on the 28th I could close the contest. HELP from some of you old regulars. Then I am making a rule change. After this time, the contest will close every month that it has any entries.
We are here at the 13th, about half the month through and not an entry from any of you, so I will beg if thats what you want me to do.Pleeze enter the "HONORING OUR VETERANS contest.
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Working on it.
Thanking anonymous for the Gift donation to the "HONORING OUR VETERANS Group.
Stories for "Honoring Our Veterans" can they be previously published stories, not necessarily entered for the contest?
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Yes, just as long as they were not winners in a contest.
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