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Wrote a new story:
 You Saved A Lot Of Lives Today  (E)
A short story taking place at the same time as "Who Will Save the Hero Now?".

It is a short story directly related to "Who Will Save the Hero Now?" in that it takes place at the same time in the same universe.
 Who Will Save the Hero Now?  (E)
A short story to give hope to those who have lost it.
Man, gone for 5 hours and I get 2 reviews? What happened? I win some contest on least reviewed writer or something?
(I wrote too much and had to break this into 3 pieces. *FacePalm*)

Finally, you can just post items on your Newsfeed and request reviews. Usually when folks do that, they offer something, but it's not required. If you do want to offer something, you could tell folks whoever does the best review in before (insert date) gets a MB. Though I don't think as a free membership you get to give a merit badge away for free every 30 days like paid members, but I could be wrong. You can try to send me one as a test and see if it wants to charge you the 10k. *Bigsmile* I'm happy to give instructions...and even reimburse you if you accidentally follow through and the way and send me one. You know, for educational purposes. *Think* *Angelic* *Bigsmile* *Laugh* ANYWAY, if you don't want to send a MB, you can offer like 5k to the best review or raffle off some GPs so everyone gets an equal chance. You'll probably get more reviews that way, but perhaps lower quality since folks aren't worried about being the "best" review. *Wink*

Do note that you only have 3 fans. That means that unless you have a bunch of folks who have clicked your Plus only once to set you as a favorite, which is private so none of us would know, you likely have very few folks who see your Newsfeed Notes. Refer back to that Community Newsfeed bit above. *Wink* If you want folks to see your posts, you need folks to click your Plus because very few people go to the Community Newsfeed regularly like maybe a handful out of the million+ members on this site. *FacePalm*

So, if you want fans, YOU need to go out and get them. Interact with others. As they get to know you, some will click your Plus. If you are helping explain something or greeting a newbie, you can even suggest they click your Plus so it's easier to find you in the future. Actually, if you click MY Plus twice, I pay all my new fans 10k. *Bigsmile* For your convenience, here's my tag, but no obligation to do so if you don't want to. *Wink* Schnujo
Anyway, like real life authors, if we don't have fans, no one reads our work, so I always recommend folks get fans if they ever post on the Newsfeed. Plus, a few folks, like myself, reward our fans from time to time. *Bigsmile* Richard ~ and Adherennium - Unwrapped do that. Again, no pressure. Check out their Notebook and see if you want to follow them. They are not only knowledgeable, but also generous and just good, fun folks. *Smile* And some folks will also fan you back when they see you've fanned them. *Wink*

I hope I've helped some. Maybe you just wanted someone to review another item or wanted to congratulate you on your reviews. If so, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR REVIEWS! *Delight* *Party* *Laugh* I tend to be overly helpful. *Blush* But I mean well. *Angelic*
Thus why you need to fan dennis23468, Peremos. Then you can see his ads asking for people to post items for him to review. *Wink*
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Who Will Save the Hero Now?  (E)
A short story to give hope to those who have lost it.

Got rid of the link in there to download the music file for the story. Wasn't sure if anyone even used it and I realized that not a lot of people are willing to download random things off the internet. Wasn't necessary anyways.

Edit: Oh right, also, 5th anniversary of my WDC account happened 15 days ago.
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Happy late anniversary! Also, good job editing items in your port. I need to do that more. I tend to just write them and forget them...sometimes literally. It's not uncommon for me to get a review and I'm like, "What story is this?" *Laugh* I agree that most folks aren't going to download random internet stuff, nor should they. *Wink*
Here's to hoping it gets loads of views! Cheers!
 Pitter Patter  (13+)
The experience of someone with daily sleep paralysis.
Don't want to get banned for pointing this out or something, but I'm starting to think those "Please upgrade to premium to continue because of limited server resources" notifications when going beyond chapter 4 on interactives are a lie. I have three separate computers that I use this website on (one of which is on a completely separate wifi network). Only one of my computers has this problem, and coincidentally, it is also the computer I use this site most on, it also shares a network with one of the other 2 computers, so the wifi being bad is ruled out. My other 2 computers do not have this problem at all when trying to go beyond chapter 4 on interactives. My theory is that after a certain amount of time, WDC starts doing this on a per-IP address basis. I've been going back and forth with myself on this for a while and finally settled on that is what is happening.
Of course, I don't make say this to sound rude, I just think it is a little suspicious.
You think a business that advertises its products is suspicious?
No, I think that the possible lying is suspicious. I thought I had made that obvious.
Just wrote another short story. Probably my most emotional story yet. Here's to hoping it gets lots of views, cheers!
 Who Will Save the Hero Now?  (E)
A short story to give hope to those who have lost it.
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When you add a new item to your portfolio and you want people to read it, it helps to post a link with your announcement. It's hard to know which one of the items in your portfolio you refer to without checking each one. That extra work alone will keep most people from even trying.
Why is WDC giving me two different word counts on my short story? The one showing when I hover over the item in my "highlighted items" section says 500 words. But when I go into the item, and click the option on the top right, then click word count, it says 582 words. So, which is it?
I think she means actually writing it at the end. Many writers here do that, sometimes in a dropnote.
PiriPica is correct. There is no setting, the author types it at the end. A dropnote can be used or just type "Word Count: 582" at the end. Likewise for poems, Line Count: 12 or whatever.

The habit of adding word/line counts is a good one to start because most contests ask for them.
Thanks for the help. Learned something new. Also just learned what "nested quotations" is today.
Wow, that 4th year on WDC passed by really fast. Just got my Account Anniversary email.
How long do replies for review requests generally take? I'm a generally anxious person.
Well, they get 3 days to accept, but it depends on how often they are online. P.S. I just finished it. *Smile*
That prologue for the story I just wrote, I think I just proved to myself that I can write a creepypasta if I try. That writing was definitely above my usual writing level.
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Happy new year Peremos. *BookOpen*
I think I just had a "moment"? Not sure, for about 20 minutes I was absorbing information about how to write better so much faster than I usually can. I was just reading a story. I suppose it might have been the fact that I was loving the story a lot. I'm talking about Sabbatical for the Soul by the way (the one I referenced in an earlier note). It was weird, I feel like I could write anything and have it be a masterpiece. I know that is not the truth, but it feels that way.
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I get that feeling when I come up with an idea that can carry the ball across the goal line. I don't care about being the best, but I put the effort forward to make it my best
I was remembering a quote, not one from anyone particularly famous as far as I know, and I don't remember the quote exactly so I'll paraphrase (and I'm too lazy to look it up): There are three different sides of you that you show people, one that you show strangers, one that you shows close friends and family, and one that you show only to yourself when you are alone, and this, is your truest reflection of yourself.
I noticed that I tend to be very caring in public, but still putting up fronts when I talk or going in a round about way of getting what I want. When I'm with close friends and family, I tend to be funny and quick-witted, thinking fast on my feet. When I'm by myself, I'm cold, more calculating I suppose. I have almost no empathy and tend to think that anyone I see in a show/movie/book is stupid and tend to not understand why they are so emotional. I'm not sure if this makes me a bad person, a sociopath, or something else. Also, I heard that apparently that sociopaths and psychopaths were officially considered the same thing now as there wasn't much difference between them. I think that is false, but I do not control terminology for the psychological fields.
Hey, just thought I'd ask. Anyone got some recommendations for some dark fantasy book series? I'm kinda running out of books to read at my house. Figured I'd see what you guys are reading to satiate my reading addiction. Doesn't have to be dark, but I'd most definitely prefer it.

Some examples of (dark) fantasy books/series I like:
Cradle Series (either the best or second best in my opinion)
The Traveler's Gate Trilogy (sharing the spotlight with Cradle Series)

The above series are both by the same person (Will Wight) who happens to be my current favourite author. Anyways, yeah, looking for books so it'd be nice to get some recommendations from the WDC community.
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Some that I've read and enjoyed:
The Others series by Anne Bishop
The Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda Bouchet
The Green Creek series by T J Klune
The Beast Charmer series by Maxym M. Martineau
The Ellwood Chronicles by Michele Notaro
The Reclaiming Hope series by Michele Notaro
The Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh
The Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh
The Healer series by Maria V Snyder
The Broken City series by Jessica Sorensen
The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series by Laini Taylor
The Dark Protector series by Rebecca Zanetti
I had the weirdest dream last night. This dream would also double as a really good creepypasta. Kidnapping, assassins, weird futuristic technology. The guys who kidnapped me even had some weird way to limit the amount of blood my body was allowed to use at any one point in time. They told me if my heartbeat gets too high, that they'll take away 40% of my blood. Then they'd give it back after I delivered this weird package to this random hole in the ground. Also, for some reason I wasn't myself for most of the dream. I was some random girl, I don't know what she looked like (I didn't have a mirror) but I could tell she was definitely more athletic than me haha.

Definitely my second weirdest dream ever. My weirdest dream was when I was six or seven. I was in this ominous town square and I saw a cloud in the shape of a mug with a chopped off hand holding it. Somehow that really scared dream me and I dropped down pretending to be dead. Dream logic I guess.
Turn it into a story
I'm quite often someone else in my dreams. Sometimes male, sometimes female. I often have no idea who I'm supposed to be, only that I'm not me.

I had to google what a 'creepypasta' was! Now I feel old. *Laugh*
Make that the.Ria Rockshire plot. Shes a fugitive, trying to take down the man. And they want her blood to replicate her
I've been thinking that I might just let someone else take over the "Adventures of Rias Rockshire" series. I have no idea what to do with it and I'm unmotivated to write more chapters for it. Feel free to change the name of the novel and the characters. I don't care if I'm credited, just make sure to tell me you are taking it so I can remove it from my portfolio.

Despite the fact that the writing within it is pretty bad, I still think the idea of the novel itself is good. I'd be very happy if someone else took it. Love to see what someone can accomplish with it. I do not desire credit or recognition, I desire a good story.
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When I get frustrated with Silverbolt I write something else. MWA came out of that so when I get stuck I work on that
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