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I have an interview starting any minute now! Wish me luck.
Hello from Kentucky everyone!
Greetings from S. Florida! *Sun*
hello everyone. i'm stuck in the hospital but i'm trying to pass time doing crochet and writing. also going to start finding things on here to read and review! feel free to leave me suggestions.
Feel better soon.
thank you. I'm working on it!
MIA'd. Was off my meds for a while and had no motivation to do anyyyyything useful. I'm so happy to be back. /o/
Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday week. I spent mine alone. I just signed an offer letter for a new job and am finally getting out of a super abusive and toxic work environment. I think that'll help me be more active with writing and reading again. I missed this site and thought about it daily but I have just been so... heh.
Welcome back and good luck with the new job!
I recently left a similar situation at my job. The relief is beyond words. Good luck to you!
Definitely all failed the october prep challenge LOL This week or two has just not been good.
Well, even if you aren't officially participating, that doesn't mean you can't benefit from doing the prompts anyway. Now there's less pressure on you to do them. *Wink* Good luck! Have you got your project idea?
Do you ever just struggle to get the motivation to do anything? I want to read and write on the site here and yet I've just been struggling to do anything and have not ended up being very active or social. :/
Hey, Kit, you've only been here a week, so don't break out the self-scourging paraphernalia just yet. Life happens and nobody's going to shut down your account, just because you haven't been able to be as active, so far, as you've wanted. Stay safe and just give yourself time to work out whatever's happening with you. There's absolutely no rush. Best wishes.
It's better to write something than to let your words disappear into the sand. Pick a few words from a book or news headline and then write a poem. Let me see it when you have finished. We are with you Kit.
Welcome to the show! You're gonna love it here (as soon as your brain gets over its kaboom, anyway *Laugh*)!
Been a long couple days been taking mostly a break from the internet. My brain is just kaboom.

Here are some things to check out to help you get acclimated:
"Writing.Com 101
"Noticing Newbies
"Newbies Academy Registration - OPEN
Everyone here is very helpful, so feel free to ask questions, anytime!
*Heartp* *Coffeev* Kindest Regards, Lilli *Coffeev* *Heartp*

A good place to meet, read and write. Enjoy
Thank you!
Uploaded some items! *Clap**Clap**Clap*
Hello everyone! Ready to make some friends here and get down to reading and writing.
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