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*Confettir* *Balloong* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 10TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, PEPPER! *Cakep* *Confettio* *Balloonr* *Confettiv*
So I've been playing around on WDC (It's been a while....) and discovered that there is possibly a way to link our accounts with Twitter and Facebook. Problem is it is in BETA. I tried to follow through but no go. Anyone had any better luck? Just curious!
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*BalloonY* To My Wonderful and Talented Pepper! *BalloonY*

Hope you have an awesome day,
Hannah ♥
This might be the shortest review ever....

A five star rating, 10 GPs, and the word "nice" in the text.

I was glad he/she liked it and replied, "Thanks!"


And once I got only the word "sad". I was furious.
Yea, At least the reviewer gave me five stars and a a few token GPs. I'm more amused than ticked, though had I been in either of your shoes there would have been steam coming out of my ears.
I once got a 1 star rating on my review group, because he said, "'The Paper Doll Gang' is a stupid name!" He eventually go the boot for insulting many others on here and more than once!
Really excited to be starting a Master Class on novel writing with James Patterson! Hopefully, by this time next spring, I will have at least a first draft if not a finished novel!
That is awesome! Funny thing- I picked up an old audio cd from some unknown author at a church yard sale I stopped at, but inside was the last four cds from an audio book written by James Patterson! Generally, I don't read books of his but his audio cd was quite good. Good luck in your class and novel writing!
Thanks Jimminy. I'm not really a huge fan either because I don't typically read a lot of that genre. However, there is no denying the man has figured out how to be a prolific and very successful writer. I'm hoping I can pick up a few tips and tricks as well as the motivation to get moving on my own novel.

In honor of the Game of Thrones, I thought I would share a couple pictures from my trip to Europe last summer. Unbeknownst to me, one of the places we visited was where the show, Game of Thrones, is filmed—Dubrovnik, Croatia. Having never seen the show, I had no idea until we showed the pictures to our family, and they clued us in. Who knew?

Location of filming for Game of Thrones
Location of filming for Game of Thrones

Note: I'm the lady in green getting ready to cross the drawbridge.
Bikerider, I didn't realize I was that famous. Or is it infamous? LOL!
Hawk, What a coincidence! I was there with my husband. *Wink*
*Thumbsupl**Bigsmile* This is lovely photo work! Hey I want to gooooo toooo! Let me get my hat.

~Kenword~ *Mugr*

So, my parents just celebrated 52 years of marriage. My dad tells me that "one of us deserves a medal"

I say "That true. I'll give it to you in even years and Mom in odds."
Then they can pass it down to us.... *Wink*
Ahhhhhhhhhh! Having one of those days where I have to be everywhere at once and get everything done at once! Okay, breathe!

To Do List:
*Boxcheck* Son up, out the door, and dropped off at swim practice.
*Boxcheck* Spoil a Member for Game of Thrones (Even if it was just one)
*Boxcheck* Walls measured so we can go furniture shopping.
*Box* Pick up son from swim practice & take him to his yard work job.
*Box* Furniture shop! *Bigsmile*
*Box* Write Interactive Story
*Box* Review, Review, Review!
*Boxcheck* Forget about housework.....

Please make that image sharable! That is exactly it, Miss Sophie! *Laugh*
You can knock off the furniture shop now!
Princess, I thought I heard a mouse in here, squeaking about something, sounded like furniture or something!
Smiley needs another laugh!
"Note: [Image #2046533] Smiley Loves to Laugh Challen..."
Pepper, are you still around? I'm back after a long time off. How is your book going?
Hola, how are you? I hope to get to know you through your writing and to learn from you.