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What is freeform, I'm no good!
The words just keep rhyming
dont behave like they should
and I keep seeing oceans or
some single shot of the sky?
I'm writing about conflict
not birds as they fly??
So what is freeform? I'd like to get good! But these wily words
dont behave!
Like they should..

4311431 "I love you mister wind" I have found to be a gem in the making. What do you think?
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Welcome to WDC! Cool that you are reviewing too. A little hint to help you link items:
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Hope this helps. Lots to play with here. Shout if you have questions.
Have fun. *Fairy*
PS if you go to the side bar under WDC .Com Tools--- Writing ML docs gives you lots of clues too.
*Delight*Welcome to WDC! Thanks for jumping in to reviewing too! *Salute*

If you like to review and earn some extra gift points for fun. Here is a place to start. *Wink*
"WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group

If you like poetry You might enjoy "The Poet's Place .

No pressure just some cool learnings in a friendly place.

Hey Peter ... I'm a little slow this evening *Laugh* ... actually, I'm just a little slow *Rolling* I didn't pick up when you sent me the review that you're a newbie! Welcome to WDC! I'm so glad you found this site and hope that you'll find it encouraging and supportive as you continue on your writing journey.

I can remember (barely LOL) when I joined and thought Hell, I'm never going to figure this place out! You'll be amazed at how quickly its quirks start to make sense and become second nature to you. If you have questions or can't find what you're looking for, drop me a line. We're all on the same journey, my friend.

Again, welcome.

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Thanks Ken, i appreciate that! HUG! 😊
Ive just joined Writing.com. I am a poet and author.
Welcome aboard fellow writer. I'm fairly new too!
Welcome to both of you! This place is terrific. 😊
Welcome, Peter. Here is a great place to be. *Smile*
I review poetry and some short stories. I am an experienced educator and evaluator. If you want objective feedback just ask. I have placed one poem in my portfolio if anyone would like to review it.

Peter Plum BIG squeshy HUG ❤❤
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/pplum