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Oh yes, and one more thing about Evil Genies Anonymous - I had Rick from Rick and Morty in mind when I was thinking about the mad scientist who had made the portal to the genie universe and the devices to contain them. Both just seemed like the sort of thing that Rick would do. Just something I neglected to mention before.
Basic info about some of the influences that brought some of the items in my portfolio into existence:

The Lazy God: The Wizard of the West (filmcow), the omniscient guy from Firestarter 2 and the logical implications thereof. Like the indistinguishability between actually being able to see the future in perfect detail and acting as if you can't because that's what you see happen in the future.

The Gambler and the Strange Casino: reality

Evil Genies Anonymous: Bartamaeus (Jonathan Stroud). No, not based on the Wishmaster movies at all. Come on, people. I say this based on one of the reviews. But mostly I just wanted to work a guy asking a genie to "make me a sandwich" into a story. That was its purpose of being. I wanted to write a story about a guy who says that to a genie. Everything else is just a minor detail put in place to bring that about.

America 2018: just tired of the BS on the media, that's the way I see the election. Tired of the far right trying to legislate a theocracy on the west, the far left and their attempts to subvert due process and freedom of speech, the religious rhetoric of the right, the neo-Marxist ideology of the left, the anti-science of both sides, the lack of respect for all the founding principles of the US, but then I have a low opinion of libertarians too. A government is necessary to enforce the social contract, nitwits. When you can build a spaceship and leave the planet and be completely self-sufficient, then you can talk. I wanted to be relatively unbiased in my depiction, unlike everyone else, apparently. Also, the "Cthulhu 2008, why vote for the lesser evil" t-shirts.

The Familiar Next Door: Every furry TF / TG story ever posted on deviantart. Hey, at least I can do it well. I set aside a simple task for myself. Have a contrived sequence of events that results in two sexy catgirls frantically meowing at each other, unable to speak in any language (much like the guy asking a genie to make him a sandwich being the purpose of that). I'd say I succeeded in that endeavor.

Word Salad, BLT and a side of fries: Sexualobster, Little Boxes on the Hillside Little Boxes made of Ticky Tacky, The Shadow, Michael Jackson, Would the real slim shady please stand up, Mortal Kombat, a dream I had where I got a fortune cookie fortune that told me if I go to the waterwheel, take her to the silver mine, the notion of writing the silliest words ever written, and of course the ghost of FDR. He was the one who really pushed me into it.
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